Medical group SME

Medical group SME

The risk of exposing to a disease requires a special priority as it leads to a double financial risk especially with high treatment costs of this health care of doctor’s fees, medicine, prices, wages of radio logical and laboratory examinations in additional to surgical operations and accommodation in the hospital.

We will provide various insurance programs that helps you to cover the medical expenses which you have incurred during your illness and according to your choice. These programs have been done to suite your social level and your financial ability which have possessed our clients’ trust through various programs and it is keen to improve the service levels which have been provided to our clients through its medical treatment insurance programs decided by the client to meet his needs.

The medical treatment insurance programs covers:

- Hospital accommodation costs

- Surgical operations expenses including doctors’ fees, specialists, surgical

- Treatment expenses outside the hospital including doctor’s fees disease diagnose by x- rays or CT, magnetic resonances, laboratory test and the costs of physiotherapy

- Cover : Eye glasses

- Cover : dental care

- Cover : pregnancy and delivery

- Cover : chronic diseases

- Cover : Pre exsisting cases

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Medical Group (SME)