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Average Health Insurance Costs in Egypt

21 September 2023

Amidst changing circumstances and the growing need for healthcare protection, health insurance has become a fundamental matter that people seek in Egypt. In this article, we will delve into the average costs of health insurance in the Egyptian market.

Available Document Types

The Egyptian market offers several options for health insurance documents, including individual insurance documents and group insurance documents, each with its own cost.

Basic Cost

The average cost of individual health insurance ranges between [2000] and [60,000] Egyptian pounds annually, but this cost may vary based on age, height, weight, gender, and the insured's medical history.

Additional Coverage for Group Medical Insurance Documents

Companies can add additional coverage such as dental coverage, vision coverage, pregnancy and childbirth follow-up, or increasing coverage limits, or choosing medical networks provided by service providers such as hospitals, pharmacies, radiology centers, and laboratories. These coverages may increase the total cost of the policy.

Medical Discount Cards

Some companies provide discount cards for medical services for individuals and their families or company employees, with discount rates varying depending on the service provider, ranging from 5% to 25%.

How Can I Get the Lowest Possible Price?

Using social media to compare available options and companies offering insurance services. Contacting local insurance agencies to inquire about the best deals is also an important step. Additionally, carefully studying policy terms to ensure the availability of all required services at reasonable costs is necessary. Sometimes, it may be appropriate to consult professional insurance brokers for advice on how to link optimal coverage with financial costs.

Does Medical History Affect Health Insurance Costs?

Yes, having chronic diseases or previous conditions may increase the value of the document, especially for group medical insurance documents.

As for individual medical insurance, it is not covered.

Can I Change Some Benefits or Coverage After Purchasing the Policy?

Insurance companies allow this before issuance or renewal, but you may need to pay an additional fee.

Health insurance is considered one of the most important insurance documents to consider, but it is essential to research thoroughly and compare to obtain the best possible coverage at the lowest cost

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