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Hotels insurance policy

17 October 2022

Insurance is a process in which both the insured and the insured parties participate to protect against certain risks to which they are expected to be exposed, where the insurance company is charged with compensating the person at risk in accordance with the terms of the policy listed between the parties.

From a strong point of view, hoteliers are exposed to a lot of risks such as losses associated with corporate property assets, as well as expected losses as a result of the life factors surrounding us, so the hotel insurance policy is a general need for all hotels and tourist villages.

What coverage does a hotel insurance policy offer for hoteliers?

The hotel insurance policy offered by insurance companies - is famous among the owners of hotels, villages and tourist resorts - as it includes coverage of claims received for many risks, which are divided into 5 groups, namely:

Group I (fire hazards and associated hazards):

  • Covering fires, lightning strikes and explosions that occur as a result of an explosion or fires caused by self-ignition.

  • An explosion inside the eye.

  • Acts of violence, passion, and unrest occur as a result of a workers ' strike.

All tourist establishments should take care of the comprehensive insurance policy for hotels and tourist villages, in order to protect village owners, employees, guests, buildings, and their contents from furniture and works.

Group II (Hotel Insurance policy for building insurance):

Physical building coverage is an essential component of any hotel insurance policy, as it provides coverage for damage to buildings in villages or hotels that are usually the most valuable assets, and therefore a comprehensive insurance policy for hotels and tourist villages will help you pay for any necessary repairs – or even complete building reconstruction.

Most of them include:

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods, and floods.

  • A sudden rush of water to tanks and/or installations and pipes inside the eye.

  • The explosion of pipes of the automatic machine gun network or one of its heads or leakage of water from them.

  • Removal of rubble.

Group III (Miscellaneous accident hazards):

  • Burglary of a building.

  • Cases of theft and dishonesty of employees residing at work.

  • Forced theft from a tourist facility employee during a cash transfer.

  • Broken glass.

Group IV (liability risks in the hotel insurance policy):

  • General civil liability towards guests and visitors of the hotel.

  • Cover the cost of the risks exposed to the insured for the presence of cars in the garage or in the parking spaces allocated for them in the tourist facility.

Group V (engineering hazards):

  • Malfunctions that occur in the equipment, devices, and machines.

  • Damage to the food stored in the refrigeration and freezing refrigerators of villages and tourist facilities.

What are Common exclusions on hotel insurance policies?

As with all insurance policies, certain exclusions apply within the hotel insurance policy, which include:

  • Claims based on damage or injuries that occur as a result of non-compliance with the maintenance schedule set by insurance companies for each period, so a certain maintenance schedule must be adhered to – for example, regular wire and gas checks – to protect hotel buildings and villages from damage and guests from injuries.

  • It should be noted that the acts of theft carried out by the owners of the premises, their relatives, employees or guests are not fully covered, as hotels and villages include large open buildings, which allows a large part of people to go and return extensively inside the buildings.

  • Finally, you should make sure that kitchen locations within hotels and villages are fully protected because there are some types of fixtures or appliances that increase the risk of fires, which may make those businesses excluded from insurance coverage under the policies listed in the policy.

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