Services Offered & the benefits to our Clients

Our services always Reflect Quality and Efficiency as We offer all the needed insurance services for both Individuals and Corporates and help our clients to Minimize their Time, Effort and Cost spent on the insurance process, by going through the below services with all insurance lines

1) Risk assessment:  

helps to Conclude the best coverage applicable according to the Nature of risk.

2) Reviewing & Rewriting Special Terms & Conditions:

Comprehensive Reviewing Terms & Condition against any potential risk and cancellation of any duplicated coverage or any needless conditions or coverage.   

3) Bid Management:

Managing Insurance Bid Process from collecting Quotations till finalizing the Bid Results 

4) Reinsurance Monitoring:

Checking the Reinsurance companies to observe their financial situation, All the reinsurers must be Approved From EFRA & has international classification by a reputable rating association such as Standard, Poors and AM best.

5) Comparison and recommendation:

Technical and Financial Comparison Report is provided by our team with a recommendation to the esteemed company. 

6) Issuing:

handling all the issuance and renewal processes starting from reviewing, delivery, collection, and settlement with the insurance company.

7) Claims Handling: 

handling our clients' claims starting from sending the claim notification, nominating the surveyor, attending the claims survey, reviewing the claims documents before submitting to the insurance company till we finalize the claim payment and handle to our client.

We can offer the above claims handling service to our Non-client with fees.

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