This policy covers consignment against total and/or partial loss of shipments incurred while in transit on land. The policy covers loss or damage occasioned by fire, collision, overturning, derailment, sinking, and/or fire. Coverage might be extended to cover loading and discharging as well as thefts.

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Please Enter Max Sum Insured Per Truck in Kilograms
2-Rollover Accident Risk, Collision, or Sinking of a Means of Transport.
3-Danger of Railway Cars Derailing.
1-To and From the Transport Unit Using Loading and Unloading Equipment and/or Machines, Always Under the Supervision of the Participant and/or his Representative.
2-Recognized and Appropriate Technical Methods for Loading and Unloading this Type of Goods Must be Followed.
Using Violence and/or Force and/or at Gunpoint, Supported by a Police Report at the Time and Location of the Attack, as Well as the Final Prosecution Report Regarding the Incident
Partial and/or total losses resulting from the dangers of riots, strikes and civil unrest during the trip within the Arab Republic of Egypt
Hazards resulting from natural phenomena (floods / torrents / earthquakes / volcanoes
The risk of the load or part of it falling as a result of the vehicle tilting or overturning