Home Insurance

The Home Insurance policy offers you a real estate investment protection and ensures financial stability in case of any losses associated with damage or loss of a home and the assets in it. This policy also includes household insurance, which provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.
Home Insurance

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  • . Burning or destroying anything or confiscated or impounded by order of public authority or legitimacy or usurping.
  • . Atomic weapons and nuclear and radiation Ionian result of radiation contamination or ruby or fuel or nuclear waste or the result of burning fuel peaks.
  • . the collapse or demolished or apartments or slipping or falling rocks, earth or fall or the resurgence of the underground fire, hurricanes or any weather other than what is covered by the document
  • . War or invasion or any act of foreign enemy or aggression or war (whether war is declared or not declared), civil war and civil unrest.
  • . Terrorism or sabotage or mutiny or rebellion or picketing or confiscated or hostilities or sedition or conspiracy or revolution or military force or usurping power.
  • . Loss or damage as a result of any action intentionally or gross negligence on the part of the insured or a family member or his or its legal representative or in collusion with him.
  • . The value of the land.
  • . This policy doesn’t cover any Political Violence or Ethnic Violence, Armed or Non Armed Demonstrations, Manifestation, strikes and protestation.