The Home Insurance policy offers you a real estate investment protection and ensures financial stability in case of any losses associated with damage or loss of a home and the assets in it. This policy also includes household insurance, which provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

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. Burning or destroying anything or confiscated or impounded by order of public authority or legitimacy or usurping.
. Atomic weapons and nuclear and radiation Ionian result of radiation contamination or ruby or fuel or nuclear waste or the result of burning fuel peaks.
. the collapse or demolished or apartments or slipping or falling rocks, earth or fall or the resurgence of the underground fire, hurricanes or any weather other than what is covered by the document
. War or invasion or any act of foreign enemy or aggression or war (whether war is declared or not declared), civil war and civil unrest.
. Terrorism or sabotage or mutiny or rebellion or picketing or confiscated or hostilities or sedition or conspiracy or revolution or military force or usurping power.
. Loss or damage as a result of any action intentionally or gross negligence on the part of the insured or a family member or his or its legal representative or in collusion with him.
. The value of the land.
. This policy doesn’t cover any Political Violence or Ethnic Violence, Armed or Non Armed Demonstrations, Manifestation, strikes and protestation.

Usually, you think of the question: why would I consider home insurance when I didn't face any kind of risk? Is this just enough to overlook the importance of home insurance policies and where they are?

We at Brokerage Insurance - the best home insurance companies in Egypt - offer you all the features that make home insurance packages better, easier, and with various qualities more satisfactorily for you, learn the details about the benefits of home insurance, and why you may need it, in addition to the coverages and exclusions covered by insurance companies in home insurance policies.

Home insurance provides protection and safety from any threat to the owner or tenant, this policy covers damages or losses resulting from accidents such as fires, explosions, and thefts, and guarantees customers financial and financial stability and family insurance and liability towards the owner or neighbors can also be added.

What is home insurance?

Home insurance packages specialize in protecting your home and its contents from damage or theft in the event of any unforeseen event such as burns and explosions.

Home insurance policy from a financial point of view covers the costs of any damage to the house that cannot be easily remedied, especially in the event of damages such as fire or flood damage, in addition to replacing stolen valuables in the event that the house is burglarized, your insurance for the living house gives you permanent safety and reassurance.

Do I need home insurance?

Unlike other types of insurance packages that you necessarily need for different needs, home insurance is not a legal requirement for homeowners or tenants, but rather a good choice that keeps you, your home, and your family safe from any other damages, and it also gives you lasting peace of mind in case something suddenly goes wrong.

Knowing that people seeking loans against assets and real estate, the bank will likely insist that you have a home or building insurance before it allows you to borrow money, and if you are a tenant, you will only need to cover your belongings – the landlord takes care of the cover of the buildings.

Who needs home insurance?

Although home insurance is not legally required in the same way as car insurance, it is still important and useful in protecting your home. There are policies designed for all types of passengers, including:

  • Homeowners

If you own your own home or are currently paying off a mortgage, it would be best to have home insurance for the physical structure and any belongings you own inside it.

  • Tenants

If you are a private tenant of a property, you will only be responsible for your own property, and you will not need to get home insurance as this is limited to the landlord and not the tenant.

  • Property Owners

If you own a property and rent it out, you will be legally responsible for the condition of the property, so you may need to get home insurance to cover the building and the contents inside it.

  • Owners of resort homes

If you own a holiday home, it would be best to get specialized home insurance for empty properties for long periods of time, in order to protect your belongings and items all the time.

What types of home insurance can be obtained?

There are two types of home insurance:

  • Securing buildings or real estate.

  • Secure the contents of the house.

You can get both separately or get both from the same company in a common home insurance policy.

Each comes as follows:

  • Building Insurance: Building insurance covers the physical structure of your home – bricks and masonry – and any permanent outdoor fixtures (from doors to kitchen sink).

  • Content Insurance: Content insurance or home property (such as TV and furniture) saves you from damage or theft, and some policies in the documents cover the protection of items while you are abroad as well.

What is Shared Home Insurance?

Shared home insurance is a policy that gives you a combination of building and property insurance at the same time, which makes it especially suitable when insuring valuable property or furniture.

What are the coverages and exclusions offered by the home insurance policy?

You can choose a home insurance package that suits you specifically, whether with or without property, but you should see the limits and exclusions of the policy listed between you and the insurance company and are available in:

What are the limits of home insurance coverage?

  • Cover the costs of damage to your property.

  • Coverage for accidents caused by events such as fire, theft, building collapse, and flooding, as well as damage to garages, outbuildings, and anything inside them.

  • The cost of lost rent or providing another place to stay.

  • If your tenant doesn't pay you, or if you need another place to stay.

  • Protection against injury or property damage.

  • Persons affected while working in the premises and houses of the insured.

What exceptions does home insurance exclude?

  • Damage from moisture, mold, or frost damage.

  • Damage that occurred slowly over time to the age of buildings.

  • Fences or gates damaged by storms.

  • Problems of building construction.

  • Accidents resulting from negligence.

  • Damage of lack of regular maintenance.

Home Insurance Price In Egypt

Getting the best price for a home insurance policy is the dream of anyone who owns a house and dreams of insuring it, knowing that there are many factors that interfere in calculating the final cost of the policy price, but it does not differ in the end except in the condition of the house.

Insurance companies usually settle on a policy of 1.5% to 2% of the value of the insured property, which guarantees both the insured and the company beneficial protection.

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