This policy covers the legal liability for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of elevators, escalators, lifts, or hoists.

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The elevator insurance policy covers the civil liability of the insured in the event of a sudden accident resulting in physical or material damage that may be caused to the users of the electric (elevator / ladder / walker) whose data is shown in the policy schedule, during the insurance period.

Because the elevator and escalator industry is full of risks, there had to be a type of insurance that protects the employer from the risks that fall on him as the first stakeholder, so if your business involves manufacturing, distributing, constructing or using elevators, escalators or electronic walkers, we can help you build an ideal insurance and risk management program to protect your business from potential financial loss.

The elevator insurance policy includes general liability coverage, property coverage, workers' compensation and third-party owners – all without discounts or self-insured retention plans.

However, you can get more advantages by providing you with strategies and guidance for areas such as claims management, loss control, and more.

What is elevator insurance?

Elevator insurance is very similar to car insurance, one of the purposes of car insurance is to protect people from paying for injuries and financial loss, whether for themselves or a third party, you only have to pay a premium to the insurance company, and in the event of an accident, the insurance company pays compensation on your behalf.

Elevator insurance works in a similar way to that in car insurance, where elevator owners (manufacturers or users) pay a premium to the insurance company, and the insurance company takes responsibility for losses that occur for an accident that caused injury to a person or malfunctions that require repairs, the insurance company will intervene.

In the event that a person is injured in an elevator or escalator accident, and he files a lawsuit against the officials of the place, the player will deal with his insurance company throughout the legal accountability.

What is the coverage of the elevator insurance policy for business owners?

If you obtain an elevator insurance policy, owners can benefit from coverage whether it is in elevator qualifying equipment or in repairs and others in many situations, including:

  • Create a new elevator.

  • Modernization of the elevator in terms of equipment and tools.

  • Maintenance and repair (i.e. service contracts).

  • Inspection.

  • Manufacturing and distribution.

In addition to the previous one, all of the following types of elevators and machines are covered in our elevator insurance policy, there are a variety of equipment, including:

  • Elevators (passenger / freight).

  • Escalators.

  • Moving corridors.

  • Garage elevators.

  • Home elevators.

  • Elevators for the disabled.

  • Chair lifts.

  • Pavement lifts.

  • Food elevators.

The policy includes broad coverage, as the coverage available through this program includes:

  • Public responsibility.

  • Overall responsibility.

  • Workmen's compensation.

  • Warranty.

  • Property.

  • Installation/construction hazards.

  • Commercial vehicles.

  • Medical and life responsibility and disability.

What are the steps to obtain a claim through the insurance company?

To obtain the security deposit or claim to repair or even change the elevators, the person concerned must send all the details of the accident, whether it involved injury to other people or was just an accident in the elevator.

Then the insurance company inspects the site and the accident and if necessary, it hires one of its lawyers to assume full responsibility for the person concerned until the matter reaches the payment of compensation to the insured or to the owner of the damage from the third party.