Fire & Theft

Fire & Theft

This policy provides you with insurable protection for your assets against the Fire, lightning. The explosion of natural gas. The fire following explosion and spontaneous combustion.  Coverage might be extended to cover   

  • The explosion of boilers, machines and pressure devices Riot, strike and civil commotion 
  • Earthquakes, storms, inundation, floods, landslide, subsidence and tide
  • The sudden flow of water from reservoir
  • The collision of inland vehicle 
  • The collision of aircraft or articles falling there from
  • The third part liability arising out of fire 
  • Removal of debris. -loss of profit/rent due to fire-   
  • The burst of automatic sprinklers' pipes or the spoil of the sprinklers' heads or any leakage from it

*Theft and Burglary insurance provides protection for your assets  against the following risks Theft and burglary or attempt of them using  violence or by force.

The coverage might be extended to cover

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