The policy covers compensations for physical loss or damage to buildings, which belong to the insured directly when caused by the following perils: the act of terrorism, sabotage riots, strikes and/or civil commotion, malicious damage, mutiny and/or coup deter, war and/or civil war rebellion, and revolution.

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The political violence insurance policy includes compensation to the insured against losses, damages and damages that may affect property and its contents and cause damage, as a result of acts of terrorism, vandalism, riots, strikes, as well as wars, civil war and revolutions.

The insurance protects against damage to the risks of political violence and terrorism from political and religious acts and includes coverage for vandalism, damage to buildings, business interruption, prevention or restriction of access to buildings and facilities, as well as compensation for loss of basic income, including rental income.

What is political violence insurance?

Some works require that the individual be constantly present in the political councils and work and develop them to maintain the development of the country, hence the idea of securing political violence, as all buildings belonging to government and other political bodies may be exposed to some acts of sabotage and terrorism, forcing some to lose their income and positions for a while, in addition to the destruction of buildings and the loss of personal property.

Therefore, an insurance policy against political violence protects all those working in this entity and protects their property and even buildings, including providing the income assumed during the period of their exposure to any incident of terrorism, sabotage or others.

What are the advantages of securing political violence?

The Corporate Political Violence Terrorism Insurance Policy includes the following key features:

  • The political violence insurance policy includes coverage for damage to buildings as well as loss of income and additional expenses due to business interruption.

  • Coverage of politically and religiously motivated ideological acts.

  • "Non-limit" rule - the ability to secure individual or multiple sites under a single policy.

  • Clear definitions of "acts of terrorism" and "acts of political violence".

During the selection of such a document, stakeholders should choose the form format that covers the main extensions offered by the underlying property policy and contract it.

Why do some need political violence insurance and a terrorism insurance policy?

Security forces across the country are working to secure all places to make the world safe, but a host of tragic events have demonstrated how terrorists can harm innocent people anywhere in the world as well.

The potential responsibility of stakeholders is becoming enormous: the Institute for Economics and Peace estimates that direct acts of terrorism affect the global economy at a cost of $52.9 billion in 2014; a tenfold increase since 2000.

Acts of terrorism and political violence are extremely difficult to predict and are no longer the preserve of radical political activists or those allied with certain religious groups.

Since the effects of terrorist attacks can cause damage to property and buildings, loss of income, bodily injury and death, denial of access, loss of key personnel and more, the political violence insurance policy is considered as a survival in such events.

What actions does political violence insurance cover?

The Property Against the Dangers of Political Violence policy includes coverage of each of the following events:

  • Acts of terrorism.

  • Violence.

  • Civil unrest/war.

  • Vandalism and corruption.

  • Insurrection.

  • Civil wars.

  • Revolutions.

  • Riots.