This policy covers the insured against unexpected loss such as accidental injury, death, veterinary treatment, or injury to third parties. There are many types of policies available, and these will vary from company to company.
Specific Types of Cover: Third Party Insurance, All Risks Mortality (Accidental Death), and Veterinary Fee Cover.

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Horse, livestock and poultry insurance cover unexpected loss and damage to horses, livestock and poultry - such as accidental injury, death, veterinary treatment or injury to the other party "civil liability", different types of policies are available for different insurance companies and are mostly popular for the types of special coverages: These include third-party insurance, all risks of death (sudden death) and veterinary fee coverage.

If you own one of these animals or you own animal farms and livestock as a business in its own right, you know very well that it represents a great investment of money, time and training.

In many cases, these animals are a source of income and trade for their owner, so securing horses, cattle and animals in general is an important step to protect you from material damage that may fall on you in the event of accidental injuries as mentioned earlier.

What is horse, livestock and livestock insurance?

Horse, livestock, and animal insurance relates to several policies that help protect those who rely on this type of trade to make money by raising cows, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and other similar animals for a living.

Horse, livestock and livestock insurance has completely different terms than other insurance policies, however you can specify conditions that enable you to benefit from the insurance policy and successfully file a claim.

Livestock insurance provides farm animal insurance coverage for those who raise horses, cows, sheep, chickens, and other types of animals that thrive on farms for commercial purposes.

The insured benefits from the equity, poultry and animal insurance policy by obtaining protection against personal injury claims, property damage claims, community lawsuits, damage to business assets, business interruption and employee injury claims.

Types of Livestock Insurance for Industry

In fact, coverage will depend on the type of livestock or the type of farm that the insurance contract states is covered, for example, some cattle insurance only covers horses or cows but excludes other animals.

Or the policyholder could only want to insure one type of animal but livestock insurance covers a lot, leading to the choice of insurance policy that suits the needs of the individual.

Thus, farmers can choose to obtain certain types of livestock insurance with liability coverage for:

  • Horse companies.

  • Sheep farms.

  • Pasture of cows.

  • Goat farms.

  • Cow pasture insurance.

What are the policies for animal death insurance?

There is a dedicated policy – or it can be combined with the equine, poultry and animal insurance policy – to include high-value animal death insurance, divided into:

  • Animal Death Cover - Helps cover costs associated with the death of an animal if it is caused by an accident covered in the policy, injury or illness, and theft coverage is also included.

  • Limited Animal Death Cover – Helps cover costs associated with the death of an animal if caused by a covered cause of loss, including fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision, turbulence in transport, accidental shooting, drowning, etc., theft coverage is also included.