Cancer Care Insurance is a social solidarity Health insurance that aims to treat its participants at the highest level, in the best cancer treatment centers in the Middle East.

The purpose of making cancer insurance is to reduce the financial burden borne by the cancer patient and to provide financial support to policyholders.

How and what type of material support is provided depends on the type of policy listed between the insured and the insurance company, as in other types of insurance, in which the insured pays a monthly or annual amount for the policy that varies depending on the type of risk associated with the person.

It does not require Health approvals or prior procedures before entering the center.
Subscription is available for all ages, nationalities, individuals, and businesses.
Discounts on radiology and tests in addition to free annual examination.
Average subscription costs, for the addition of an appropriate coverage limit, are determined according to the type of each case to provide maximum benefit.
Maximum coverage even if you have cancer on the last day of the subscription.
Cover treatment costs.
Conducting periodic examinations aimed at early detection of cancer and monitoring other aspects of public health, and these examinations include:
Pap smear tests.
Many other examinations are specifically related to the patient.

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All cases, services, treatments, injuries, diseases, complications, and disabilities resulting from any other medical conditions that do not have a direct or indirect relationship with cancer.
Pre-existing cases
Periodic examination in case of a negative result