BIB helps you navigate the world of Medical Insurance programs to find the one that best suits your needs to cover your medical expenses incurred during illness. The medical treatment insurance programs cover all your medical needs, such as:
- Hospital accommodation costs;
- Surgical operations expenses (including doctors’ fees);
- Outpatient expenses (including doctors’ fees, x-ray, CT, Medication and MRI diagnostic imaging, lab tests, and the costs of physiotherapy);
- And extended coverage for eyeglasses, dental care, pregnancy and delivery, chronic diseases, and pre-existing medical conditions.

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Notice : Local Coverage is up to 65 Years and International Coverage is up to 69 Years.
Routine examinations
Criminal acts
Self-inflicted or psychiatric illness
alcohol, drug or substance abuse
Birth defects
Cosmetic treatment
Organ Transplant: Donor
Sexually transmitted diseases Epidemic diseases
Hazardous amateur or professional, sports and pastimes
Genetic Disease
Acne/hair loss/baldness
Hormone replacement therapy
Treatment of dystrophic diseases
Un-prescribed treatment
vitamins (except for medical necessity)
Transportation expenses
Errors of refaction
Weight Related
Ancillary And incidental expenses
Reproductive Disorders

Being in a world full of technology and continuous development in all areas of life makes you seriously consider individual health insurance policies to take advantage of all the advanced methods available for treatment in the smallest details, without having to pay high costs in return.

This is where individual health insurance policies come into play a crucial role that provides you with the protection you need with high costs of treatment and healthcare.

individual health insurance guarantees you and your family protection and safety through full coverage of treatment, medication and hospital stay expenses without additional costs affecting your financial stability.

Medical insurance coverage for individuals includes:

- Examinations, analyzes, and x-rays, except for pre-contract diseases.

- Operations, hospital stay, emergency and outpatient clinics.

- Order and deliver medicines anytime, anywhere.

- Special coverage for pregnancy, teeth, and eye detection.

What is individual health insurance?

The individual health insurance policy is one of the types of comprehensive health insurance, and the other type is family health insurance, where the individual health insurance policy provides medical coverage for the insured person only, i.e. the policyholder, so the entire amount of coverage belongs to one person only.

The amount of coverage depends on the age of the insured, his medical history, and the nature of his work - exposure to risks and others - and accordingly, the insurance company determines the amount of the insurance premium.

But what all individual insurance policies have in common is to cover most of the pre-hospital fees for 30-60 days and post-hospital fees for up to 90 days, in addition to that it includes the costs of surgery, medical consultations, and examinations requested by the doctor from radiology, analyzes, and others.

Who is suitable for individual health insurance policies?

Let's not deny that all people are suitable to buy a health insurance policy that covers the high financial costs of statements and others, but there are many people for whom an individual insurance policy is a necessity, such as:

  • individual health insurance is a necessity for people who have a higher risk of developing diseases and health problems with a family history.

  • Suitable for people who are trying to save on the high costs of regular medical examinations, especially people whose work does not provide them with adequate health insurance or whose insurance is significantly limited.

Before purchasing an individual health insurance policy, you should consider all the information you need to make the appropriate purchase decision with your financial and health condition.

Features and benefits of individual health insurance

The medical insurance policy for individuals provides you with many features and benefits that make you always do not need to be exposed to financial hardship over time, and the best advantages are as follows:

  • Individual coverage, meaning that it gives you a sum of money to cover your individual medical needs and includes all the details.

  • individual health insurance is suitable for the elderly, as the elderly usually suffer from greater health risks that require strong insurance coverage.

  • Wider coverage means that individual health insurance policies provide you with broader coverage including hospital stay times, affordability of treatment, pre- and post-hospital check-ups, healthcare procedures, ambulance charges, etc.

  • Additional coverage: individual health insurance policies give you additional options such as critical illness coverage, benefits for treating patients abroad, as well as including pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

  • Approve multiple claims, where you can file multiple claims per year as long as your insured insurance amount is not exhausted.

  • Family discount: Most individual health insurance policies offer a family discount if more than two family members are covered on an individual basis.

  • It provides a discount on the premium if no claim was filed in the previous policy year.

  • Easy to give you a lifetime renewal policy.

Benefits of health insurance for individuals

Brokerage Insurance offers you the most important benefits and benefits that it gives you in the individual health insurance policy, which include:

  • individual health insurance offers you the benefit of benefiting alone for the full amount of insurance unlike the family insurance plan in which you have to share 4-5 other individuals.

  • For older people, individual health insurance policies are best especially since they are more vulnerable to health risks and chronic diseases.

  • Covering the expenses of treatment and examinations in more than 4000 hospitals and clinics nationwide with all services.

  • Coverage of approvals around the clock at any time.

  • Covering the expenses of treatments and medicines needed by the patient immediately after receiving the claim.

  • Providing more than one center for different and advanced radiology.

  • Eligibility to benefit from the full amount of the security deposit from the first day of purchase of the policy.

What do individual health insurance plans cover?

An individual health insurance policy provides coverage for:

  • The costs of doctor's visits, medical examinations, and examinations requested by the doctor, including radiology and medical analyzes, as well as the treatments he prescribes for hospitalization.

  • Coverage for all non-pre-contracted diseases.

  • Operations are recommended by doctors to treat conditions and diseases the following the contract.

  • Incurring the costs of staying in the hospital for more than 24 hours of room expenses, the cost of medicines, intensive care fees, as well as having one companion to care for the insured, etc.

  • There are some medical insurance policies for individuals that allow people to cover the expenses of Covid-19 treatment.

  • Some policies give you special coverage for pregnancy, childbirth, and dental treatments.

  • Pre- and post-hospital expenses, i.e. covering medical expenses incurred before admission and after discharge.

  • Bear the costs of the ambulance - emergency on the roads - as it covers the fees for utilizing ambulance services in emergency medical cases.

  • Preventive comprehensive health examination If the individual wants to check on his health only, the individual insurance covers the cost of the preventive examination.

What are the health insurance rates for individuals?

The prices of individual insurance programs range from 10.000 EGP up to 250.000 EGP per person per year, and this cost includes all the details mentioned above and included in the health insurance policies.

The presence of many health insurance companies for individuals pushes you to compare the prices of individual health insurance in more than one medical insurance company for individuals, but we usually advise you to look at all the details that the company gives you, as they differ in the amount insured in addition to the powers it provides from coverage that includes all procedures or limits certain procedures, etc.