The Personal Accident Insurance Policy and claims settlement make it much easier to rely on BIB in the event of death or permanent disability, whether total or partial, caused by an accident. The Policy may be extended to cover the reimbursement of medical expenses, up to a stated sum, incurred as a result of an accident.

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Cases of death, permanent total or partial disability, or temporary disability that arise from or are directly or indirectly related to any of the following cases are not covered
Due to performing military service in times of peace, war, disobedience, revolution, or conspiracy against the regime
Atomic dangers or nuclear reactions, whatever their cause or source, in times of peace or war
Traveling on military aircraft
Suicide or attempted suicide, whether consciously or unconsciously
The participant intentionally injured himself or exposed himself to an unusual risk, or because he committed or attempted a crime
Loss of will due to insanity or falling under the influence of drugs or alcohol
First: In the case of death
The company shall pay the sum insured shown in first item of the policy schedule to the beneficiaries listed in the schedule or to the legally entitled in the event that no beneficiaries are specified, provided that if the participant dies by a deliberate act by any of the mentioned beneficiaries or entitles, his share shall be forfeited of the amount due, which remains payable to the rest of the beneficiaries or entitles.

Second: In the case of permanent total disability
The company shall pay to the participant or beneficiary the sum insured  of the in the policy schedule and the disability is considered total permanent in the event of the following cases :
  • Loss of sight of the eyes permanently,
  • Loss of arms or hands
  • Loss of legs or feet,                           
  •  Loss of an arm and a leg
  • Loss of a hand and a leg
  • Loss of a hand and a foot
The inability of the limb or the organ in whole or in part is also considered an absolute and final inability to perform its function in the judgment of the missing limb or organ in the interpretation of this policy.
The injured person is not entitled to any amount before the permanent disability is established.

 Third: In the case of permanent partial disability
The company shall pay to the participant an amount equal a percentage of the sum insured of the permanent total disability shown in the policy schedule according to the percentage of the partial disability