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19 February 2023

If you own a car now in 2023, insuring it or looking for the best comprehensive car insurance company is no longer a luxury, on the contrary, it has become an urgent necessity to protect your property and yourself from any accidents or injuries that may harm you or the car, or rather another car.

At Brokerage Insurance, the best comprehensive car insurance company in Egypt, we offer you all the benefits you aspire to in your comprehensive car insurance policy, and we show you how to get the best price for the highest value for what you wish for in the insurance policy you want to buy.

Brokerage Insurance is considered the best comprehensive car insurance company with the testimony of a large group of customers who put their trust in it, as well as offering you many certificates of warranty, quality, and trust from official institutions in Egypt to prove its quality among insurance companies.

Our services at Brokerage Insurance do not stop at comprehensive car insurance, but also include medical, health, travel insurance, life insurance, and other various policies that cover all fields.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is one of the types of property insurance that ensures that you protect your car from the risks of sudden and various accidents that it is exposed to, such as:

  • A vehicle collides or overturns as a result of an accident.

  • Car fires.

  • Theft or burglary.

  • Acts of scratching and vandalism - without the knowledge of the insured.

  • The intentional act of third parties that cause damage to the vehicle.

If it is proven that any of the previous acts of the car occurred, the insurance company is responsible for compensating the car owner for accidents by paying the full value of the repairs, so that sometimes the insurance company pays the actual value of the car at the time it was destroyed.

This type of insurance is known as supplementary insurance, in which the individual receives insurance coverage for his car in exchange for an annual subscription paid to the insurance company.

What is the difference between a regular and comprehensive car insurance policy?

It is usual that insurance companies offer you both options and leave you the choice, in the usual insurance policy, the insurance company covers certain types of collisions and accidents according to the regulations applied within the company, which makes you limited protection, but on the other hand, the opposite is true.

The comprehensive car insurance policy gives you open protection and the necessary compensation under difficult circumstances that you may be exposed to, as the company compensates you with the full amount in the event of any proven losses such as fire, total or partial theft, as well as protecting you from damage and consequences that affect the property of others as a result of the accident, including road accidents, damages, and repairs, as well as personal accident coverage for car drivers.

Why is Brokerage Insurance the best comprehensive car insurance company in Egypt?

Brokerage Insurance is ranked among the best comprehensive car insurance companies because it gives you many advantages that are not found in other insurance companies, which are:

  • Provide more than one diversified insurance offer immediately to suit the needs of each customer.

  • View all the details of the insurance package as soon as you inquire about it to confirm the months of satisfaction with the customer.

  • Providing the fastest service in car insurance procedures to obtain a policy as soon as possible without waiting for a longer period.

  • A hotline is available at all times as well as a distinguished customer service that serves you around the clock to help you benefit from the policy and use it whenever you want.

At the same time, the best comprehensive car insurance company Brokerage offers all guarantees that guarantee the customer's right while choosing a comprehensive car insurance policy through us.

One of the most important of these guarantees is the confirmation that you receive the full amount of compensation if due and on time without any delay or disruption of procedures, which makes us at the top of the list of comprehensive car insurance companies.

Maintaining a refund of the insurance cost needed for your car in time of need This is what we put one of the main pillars to maintain our reputation with our customers.

How to choose between comprehensive car insurance companies?

To make sure to get the best price and the highest interest, you must make sure that all the details you are looking for are available in the insurance policy you have chosen, so you advise you:

Comparison between the prices of insurance policies and the different offers offered by each company.

Identify the benefits of the insurance policy including the deductible, the possibility of direct repair or payment and refund, administrative expenses, the availability of services first, and the presence of a support and customer service team, the policy includes civil liability against third parties.

Types of insurance policies offered by car insurance companies in Egypt

  • Compulsory car insurance.

  • Comprehensive Supplementary Car Insurance, companies offer three types of insurance policies, which are as follows:

    • Private car insurance policies.

    • Commercial vehicle insurance policies.

    • Insurance policies on metal plates.

    • Car transport insurance.

    • Types of supplementary car insurance offered by companies

Companies offer car insurance multiple types divided into four types as follows:

  • The first type: insurance or material civil liability towards the property of others.

  • The second type: car insurance against fire and theft only.

  • The third type: car insurance against fire and theft with a material civil liability towards the property of others.

  • The fourth type: It is known as comprehensive insurance because it includes comprehensive coverage for all damages that occur to the car.

How to choose the best comprehensive car insurance company?

To choose the best comprehensive car insurance policy, you must follow successive steps to reach the best result, as follows:

  • Identify and compare all the different offers from insurance companies.

  • Explain your needs and priorities and how much you seek to spend to get the highest benefit.

  • Determine the extent of risks that you may be exposed to to determine the most appropriate insurance plan that suits you.

  • Communicate with the experts in the insurance company as well as the customer service team to clarify all points of your preferred offer.

  • Choose the right insurance offers and plans for your budget and also suitable for your needs.

How much does comprehensive car insurance cost?

You are now looking for the best comprehensive car insurance company as well as the best price you are expected to get, which is what Brokerage Insurance offers you.

In order to know how to calculate comprehensive car insurance, insurance companies usually put the cost value of insurance through a simple equation:

Insurance Value = Market Value of the Car * Premium Percentage * All Stamp Expenses

From here the value results from 3% to 4% of the value of the car and this is the best price you can get through us only.