find out the latest health insurance cost for individuals Blog Image
find out the latest health insurance cost for individuals
10 November 2022
Personal financial planning is essential for the provision of individual medical insurance which offers people peace of mind and financial protection in case of unforeseen medical costs. In sourcing the lucid path through the labyrinth of insurance alternatives, a lot of individuals rely on Brokerage Insurance Brokerages (BIB) for professional advice and assistance.
Health insurance benefits for employees Blog Image
Health insurance benefits for employees
29 October 2022
With the change in lifestyle; and the pace of living, which has become involved a lot of bad daily habits that harm our health, one of the biggest advantages of working in companies, whether government or private sector, is the presence of medical insurance, what is health insurance? And what are Health insurance benefits for employees? This is what we will learn about next in the article.
Hotels insurance policy Blog Image
Hotels insurance policy
17 October 2022
hoteliers are exposed to a lot of risks such as losses associated with corporate property assets, as well as expected losses as a result of the life factors surrounding us, so comprehensive hotel Insurance policies and tourist villages are a general need for all hotels and tourist villages.
Contractors' All Risks  Insurance Blog Image
Contractors' All Risks Insurance
13 October 2022
Contractors' All Risks Insurance covers all the risks of contractors and all the losses that occur in civil engineering projects, including architectural ones, by issuing various coverage documents to the contractor to cover such dangers as fire hazards, theft, civil liability, and other risks
Medical malpractice insurance Blog Image
Medical malpractice insurance
9 October 2022
Medical malpractice insurance is one of the types of insurance policies that cover doctors' mistakes or acts resulting from omissions. this insurance protects doctors and other healthcare professionals against any lawsuits claiming that their acts of negligence or omissions threaten patients' life.
What conditions are not covered by medical insurance? Blog Image
What conditions are not covered by medical insurance?
5 October 2022
Many people who fall under various medical insurance lists are wondering about what is not covered by Health insurance. Do they vary depending on the type of health insurance, and the individual's health status, or do they depend entirely on what the health insurance company specifies? Here are the details under the following text.
Insurance of dishonesty Blog Image
Insurance of dishonesty
31 August 2022
Companies and business organizations usually take all internal measures in order to provide crisis protection that will insure the owner of the money for all his property and funds . However, there are many cases of infringement, embezzlement and theft by employees in those companies, and the owner of the money is exposed to the betrayal of the worker's trust, and we have provided you with insurance policies in case of such cases in your company, through which we work to insure the owner of the money from protecting him and protecting all his property and funds from These documents are really very practical and very useful for the protection of enterprise and business owners. The strategy of the documents is developed by directing them mainly to employees who deal with Finance in the company and receive a salary from them, such as employees in the finance, treasury, procurement departments, managers and others who are directly or indirectly related to financial matters in the company, hence the importance of the role of documents of dishonesty in organizing and controlling this process, and And legal methods that will secure the employer's funds and preserve all property and funds, as well as save employees from making mistakes.
Marine cargo insurance Blog Image
Marine cargo insurance
31 August 2022
In the huge oceanic world where ships cross the rough seas and cargo moves long distances, the role of marine insurance cannot be overemphasized. Marine insurance was known in the old days as marine loans, which were like marine insurance policies, but indirectly, and were concluded in the form of contracts, where the maritime contract provided for the arrival of a financier to the owner of the ship and provide him with a sum of money to be refunded as soon as the ship returned safely with the agreed The interest rates on marine loans were higher than the interest rates in others, where part of the interest was calculated against borrowing and the other part against insurance.
Erection All Risk Insurance policy Blog Image
Erection All Risk Insurance policy
31 August 2022
At the present time, with the wide openness that our urban communities live, which requires insurance on those engineering risks that can occur, specifically related to Insuring the dangers of erection The policy provides comprehensive coverage against all risks unless something is excluded from it, and the insurance coverage can be expanded to cover additional risks such as liability to third parties, and what we will learn about this type of insurance Details.