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steps and features of wife insurance

30 June 2024

There are many types of insurance, each of which has its function, and the wife may be exposed to many material problems upon the death of the husband, and therefore the wife's insurance provides her with Financial Protection in the event of the death of the husband, where the husband insures the wife, where the insurance amount is given to her in the event of the death of the husband or an accident that prevents him from working so that she can earn a living.

The wife's insurance is often useful as it provides the wife with funds that enable her to complete the education of her children, provide daily expenses and cover any debts when the husband dies or is unable to work.

Spousal insurance policies vary in terms and amount depending on the person's choice of benefits where the wife still needs them.

What is insurance?

Insurance is one of the financial systems and its goal is to reduce the exposure of individuals to financial risks that affect the lives of people in general. Insurance companies offer many options for insurance policies that you can choose from, which pay the amount in case the insurance conditions are met, which is in the case of people when they die or suffer an accident that prevents them from working.

The importance of insurance for people

Insurance for people, in general, provides financial protection for a person's family upon his death, as the insurance provides them with funds to pay off debts and complete life after the absence of income available through the father, and also provides them with money to invest in providing a stable income for the family.

Why is wife insurance?

The wife is insured by the husband so that she has the money to cover the costs of daily life, the education of children, and savings in the event of the death of the husband or incapacity to work, and therefore the availability of income continues in the event of income interruption from the family. the terms and features of the insurance policy vary according to the choice of the husband from the offers provided by insurance companies. therefore, the primary goal of wife insurance is to financially protect the wife and the family in general from being exposed to material hardship if the husband dies or is prevented from working.

The difference between individual insurance and wife insurance

Importance of Insurance for Individuals

Insurance for individuals is a general form of saving money in the event of a person's disability or death, but it differs in its type, as life insurance provides a person's family in the event of his death with money that helps them to complete life without experiencing material hardship when the father's income is absent. health insurance provides a person with the treatment he needs during his life when he is exposed to some danger or needs to undergo surgery.

Wife insurance

It is the insurance policy provided by the husband that the husband buys for the wife so that she gives her money in the event of the husband's death or disability to help her pay off any debts or provide daily expenses for the home and complete life activities, where the insurance policy acts on the wife as her income after the death of the husband or his loss of ability to work.

Types of insurance for the wife

 - Life insurance;

This insurance gives the wife's heirs money in the event of her death, where the husband buys an insurance policy for the wife so that her children take the money in the event of her death, this will serve as material support for them to cover funeral costs, repay debts, and also compensate the wife's income for the children

 - Long-term insurance;

Long-term insurance is also called temporary insurance as it extends for a period of 10- 20 – 30 if the time period elapses before the death of the wife, the insurance policy will be canceled.

 - Permanent insurance

Permanent insurance remains available for the life of the wife and the family can receive it after her death to pay funeral expenses and reduce financial pressure on the family after the death of the wife. this type of insurance provides full coverage for the wife for life and accumulates over time.

 - Health insurance;

The wife's health insurance differs in that it provides the wife herself with insurance in case she is injured or needs to undergo surgery, visit medical centers, receive treatment, undergo medical radiology and analysis, and the insurance is dependent on the husband.

 - Coverage and covered diseases

The wife's medical insurance covers all medical examinations, tests, X-rays, surgeries, and stays in hospitals and medical care centers, but the covered diseases depend on the insurance policy that the husband buys for his wife, whether it includes dental, psychological, or oncology treatment.

- Supplementary health insurance

Supplementary medical insurance is a type of health insurance that covers additional costs that are not covered by regular insurance for individuals in order to provide better care for individuals and cover the additional costs of surgeries or diseases that are not covered by the basic insurance policy and medicines as well.

 - Accident and injury insurance

Accident insurance provides financial protection for the wife in the event of an accident, injury, or temporary disability. this type of insurance can include burial costs upon death.

 - Covered accidents

The accident insurance policy does not cover all accidents as there are some cases that are excluded from insurance such as 

If the insurance holder is at fault such as committing an accident after alcohol abuse.

In the case of driving a car without a license, insurance also falls out.

If the accident is accidental, it is also not covered by insurance.

The procedure for obtaining insurance for a wife

- Basic requirements

Wife insurance initially requires choosing the right company to choose the insurance policy that suits the needs and brokerage offers many choices that suit all needs and it is a reliable company in the field of insurance. Then you have to specify the basics that the wife needs in her insurance policy so that she can provide the necessary financial support for her in an emergency.

    - Necessary papers and documents

You need to prepare all the documents for the wife to make an insurance policy for her such as

  • Personal card 

  • Marriage voucher

  • Health history

  • Insurance application form

  •  Health and age conditions

The conditions may vary from one company to another and from one insurance policy to another, but there is some basic information that determines the type of insurance policy and its suitability for the situation

Age: as health problems increase with age, the use of medicines may increase, and therefore the wife needs an insurance policy to cover the expenses of her treatment.

Health status: by studying the health status, you can determine the specialties that you want to include in the health insurance policy.

- Application steps

    - Online application

You should visit the brokerage website and choose the insurance policies that suit you, as Brokerage works as an authorized insurance broker that provides you with many choices and can fill in the data to get the policy, and you can contact us if you need any questions.

- How to choose the right insurance policy

    - Needs analysis

Insurance policies vary in the privileges they offer you, so when analyzing the needs, you can access the policy that suits your wife according to what she needs.

    - Comparison of policies

At Brokerage, we offer you many options for insurance policies, as Brokerage is the best company in insurance Brokerage, and you can compare the options that we specify according to your needs until you reach the best choice.

 The benefits of insurance for the wife over the family

- Financial stability ; 

    - Insurance of children's expenses

    - Cover medical expenses

- Relieve psychological stress

    - Reduce future anxiety

    - Feeling of security ; 

- Long-term financial planning

    - Saving and investing

    - Retirement planning

- What are the first steps to get a wife's insurance

In the beginning, you have to determine the amount that you can pay monthly or annually, depending on your choice of insurance policy, you have to discuss the needs of the wife and her health condition until you choose the appropriate policy for her, whether it is for life insurance or for health insurance.

- Is it possible to change the insurance company after the start of the contract

Yes, you can, but this depends on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and the reasons why you need to change it

- How long is the validity of the wife's insurance policy

The duration varies according to the type of insurance policy, where if it is for life, it ends with the death of the wife, but if it is temporary, the date of its expiration depends on the policy if it is for a period of 10-20-30 years 

As for the insurance policy for the wife's medical insurance, it ends with the husband leaving work if the insurance is affiliated with the husband's employer.