This policy covers the cost of a claim made by a member of the public that has suffered an injury or property damage as a result of the indemnify's business or products. Simply put, this policy protects you against the cost of compensation as well as the legal expenses incurred by the claims process.

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The public liability insurance policy provides coverage of the other party's claims if he suffers any losses such as bodily injury or damage to his property as a result of being affected by your business, the broader meaning has to protect you from all compensation that you must pay due to the liability imposed by law in accordance with the current legislation of the Egyptian Civil Code, in addition to the legal expenses paid during the other party's claim for compensation.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is a type of insurance for companies of all sizes, whether small or large, there are some different types of industries in which their owners need to have insurance that covers accidents or claims that they meet in the event that a customer or a member of the public is damaged due to injury or injury to his property due to your business activities.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect owners of companies and institutions from claims that lead to legal action against them or their business, and if the matter turns into a legal claim, the public liability insurance policy will cover the cost of all these expenses, including any compensation that the policyholder must pay.

The main reason employers need to obtain most public liability insurance claims is negligence resulting from circumstances beyond their control.

For example, a customer may stumble while passing an uneven surface of your building, a member of the public may injure themselves with a piece of your work equipment or tools, on the other hand, a tool may fall on a passerby that may cause damage or damage to other people's property, and in another case, you may accidentally drop a drink on them by damaging a customer's computer during your meetings, which makes you need this Type of insurance.

It's also important to note that some trade bodies and other organizations may require you to have some level of public liability insurance, so this policy not only protects you from past mistakes – it can also help you secure new job opportunities.

How much is public liability insurance covered?

Public liability insurance covers claims brought against your business by customers, contractors or members of the public due to accidental injuries or damage to their property, which may arise as a result of an accident at your premises or as a direct result of your business.

In the case of a public liability insurance policy, this insurance will cover the costs you need including compensation expenses and other legal fees such as the cost of legal proceedings you need to take.

What is unique about liability insurance is that it is different from other types of insurance, as it protects you from material losses that you may suffer in the event of damage as well as from legal liability, for example, professional compensation covers claims related to fault in your work and the liability of employers specifically covers claims submitted by employees.

Another advantage of this type of insurance is that it is comprehensive, as it includes covering all the policies that your business requires, providing the reassurance that you and your employees need to focus on the work and tasks required of you.

Why do business owners need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is specifically designed for companies or individuals who are legally fully liable to pay for injury or other related damages caused to a third party in the course of work.

We always recommend this type of insurance for people with professional institutions such as hospitals, businesses, doctors and even large freelancers that carry part of the risk of injury while working or injuring other parties.

For example, if you are producing products that cause damage or injury to someone else, you may be sued for the loss.

What are the benefits of public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance may not be a basic legal requirement for your business, but it is a necessary document to protect the business from material loss arising from filing a lawsuit by another party to claim material compensation for the damage caused to them.

At any time, if your business is sued by a third party, insurance will fully cover your legal expenses, and general liability insurance is considered necessary if your business requires contracting with third parties on a recurring basis.

The biggest benefit of public liability insurance is that it can protect your business from unforeseen events and financial and legal liability if:

  • Bodily Injury: In the event of any injury to a third party visiting the office or company, it will be covered by third party liability insurance.

  • Property Damage: It covers your business against any primary third party liability arising from damage to other people's property.

  • Personal Damage: The policy also covers some types of crimes such as false arrest, illegal entry, negligence slander and others.

  • Under Public Liability Coverage Contractual and Tenant Liability: If your workspace is leased and any liability arises if you enter into a leased contract, expenses will be covered under the Public Liability Insurance Policy

  • Claims, Investigations and Settlements: In the event of a lawsuit against you, the insurance company bears the expenses of the investigator, lawyer and medical expenses if any.

In addition to the previous broad coverages, commercial public liability insurance or public liability policy ensures that your business starts without any unexpected financial loss, and ensures that business insurance from public liability in the future makes your business safe by covering almost all types of liability expenses.

How much do business owners need public liability insurance?

The cost of public liability insurance can vary due to the diverse nature of the business and the type of business your company does. Having a public liability insurance policy is not mandatory but it protects your business from any expected losses, so the extent to which you need the policy depends on your choices and preferences in full.

The best way to know how much your business needs this type of documentation is to consider factors such as the potential extent of compensation claims and how much it costs to repair any damage, as the amount of coverage you need depends on other details such as:

  • The volume of work.

  • The level of interaction with the audience.

  • Record of previous claims.

  • The level of risks associated with the industry.