This is the best choice for your small or medium-sized business. With Medical SME Insurance, BIB helps you navigate the corporate health insurance costs and plans to ensure that your insurance provider can tailor their offerings just for your business, after reviewing the best options based on costs, coverage, and provider access.
With this policy, you can rest assured that your employees will receive the best medical care when they are ill, while remaining worry-free about the costs, thus helping them stay focused on the business while we take care of all the bills.
The Medical SME Insurance programs cover: Hospital accommodation costs;
• Surgical operations expenses (including doctors’ fees);
• Outpatient expenses (including doctors’ fees, x-ray, CT, and MRI diagnostic imaging, lab tests, and the costs of physiotherapy);
• And extended coverage for eyeglasses, dental care, pregnancy and delivery, chronic diseases, and pre-existing medical conditions.

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The following treatments, conditions and medical operations are not covered by this policy
Cosmetic surgeries and its treatments, unless it is the result of a physical injury arising from an accident that occurred to the insured while continuing The validity of this contract or breast reconstruction operations following mastectomy in cases of cancer, provided that: The process of excision during the period of insurance coverage with AXA
Health services and costs related to surgical treatment
Treatment whose efficacy has not been proven or experimental treatment and experiments and examinations that are not medically approved by an entity
Official medical recognized, for example, but not limited to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Health services and costs related to the treatment of baldness, hair loss, or wigs, excluding alopecia
Health services and supplies for smoking cessation and nicotine addiction treatment programs
Treatment and services for sex reassignment, sterilization.
Treatment, services and contraceptives.
All cases of primary and secondary infertility (including impotence and erectile dysfunction) and none of the
Medical examinations, medicines, or surgeries that are used to diagnose and treat infertility, for example, juveniles
Ovulation, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, and transfer of eggs and sperm as well
The insurance coverage excludes complications resulting from the occurrence of pregnancy by means of assistance
Please see that any normal mother or caesarean section for pregnancy will be covered by means of assistance if
The pregnancy was covered according to the benefits schedule.
The costs of providing and installing any artificial limbs or external devices, and the prosthetic and permanent medical devices or
External prosthetics such as, but not limited to (Nepo laser), inhalers and pressure devices
Continuous Positive Air (PAP) - (lap Bi) insulin chews and oxygen cylinders
Hearing aids, speech aids (electronic larynx), wheelchairs, prosthetics,
Graduated Compression Stockings, Surgical Plugs, Orthopedic Braces
Treatment and services for cases that resulted from the practice of dangerous sports activities, including but not limited to,
Any form of aerial flying, any type of motor racing, water sports, activities
Horse riding, mountaineering activities, extreme sports such as judo, boxing, wrestling, bungee jumping,
And any professional sports
Correction of vision, refractive defects, keratoconus, or hearing or visual aids
Costs of related treatments, services, and tests
The insurance company will not pay for treatment, or international assistance for medical emergencies, as a result of nuclear contamination, or
Biological contamination or chemical contamination, or by participating in a war, invasion, civil war, or riot
insurrection, rebellion, revolution, or overthrow of a legitimately elected government regime, explosion of military weapons, operations
Military, terrorist incidents, or any event similar to the aforementioned.
Coverage does not exclude treatment required as a result of terrorist acts, provided that it does not result from the terrorist act
Nuclear, biological, or chemical contamination.
Injuries resulting from natural disasters, including but not limited to: earthquakes, hurricanes, and any other
Another form of natural disaster
Injuries resulting from criminal acts or resistance to authorities by the insured
Mental and mental health diseases, advanced disorders and behavioral problems (treatment inside and outside the
the hospital)
Outpatient medical supplies (including for example: rubber stockings, bandages
Compressors, gauze, foot pads, glucose-measuring strips and similar products; Treatment and medication are not
described) except for supplies required to provide in-hospital health care services in cases of
Medical emergency.
Allergy and desensitization testing (except for allergy testing for medicines and preparations used in
Preventive services, including mandatory vaccinations and vaccinations.
Services provided by any medical service provider who is a relative of the patient, for example the insured himself or
A first degree relative.
Enteral feeding (by tube) and other nutritional and electrolyte supplements, unless required by a medical condition
Therefore, during the hospitalization period
Health care services (related to diagnosis and treatment) for patients with HIV
. Human AIDS and its complications, except for the examination that is carried out as part of the hospital’s internal treatment, if it is
Part of the mandatory medical protocol prior to treatment. As well as all sexually transmitted diseases caused by a virus
Any costs for the treatment of birth defects, genetic and genetic conditions, diseases and congenital anomalies
and premature babies
All cases resulting from the consumption of alcohol, drugs and hallucinogenic substances, including treatment and diagnosis
and complications unless directed by a physician.
Health care services for senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease
Air or ground medical evacuation, unauthorized transportation services, and transportation costs for the insured by means of transportation
Other than local licensed ambulances
All maternity-related cases of unmarried females, except for those in which it occurs
Pregnancy during the marriage of the insured
Any treatment, analysis or other procedures provided during the hospital stay, which can be provided through
External care without endangering the health of the insured.
Any medical examinations or services performed for non-medical purposes such as tests performed for appointment purposes, or
Travel, get a license, or get insurance. Routine or periodic medical examinations and medical examinations
Genetic screening and genetic testing
Any analysis, treatment, or medicinal preparation that is not considered a specific treatment for a particular disease and/or is not prescribed
by the attending medical practitioner.
All supplies that are not medical treatments, including but not limited to: mouthwash, toothpaste
Teeth, lozenges, disinfectants, baby formula, food supplements, skin care products,
. Shampoos, soaps, multivitamins, and all devices not primarily intended to improve a medical condition or
Injury, including but not limited to: air conditioners, air purifiers, foot supports, exercise equipment
And health supplies, and the costs of vitamins are covered only in the case of medical necessity and prescribed by a doctor
For severe deficiency of one of the elements
Consultation or follow-up with a medical specialist more than once (for the same medical condition) on the same day, unless it was completed
Referred by the treating medical practitioner
Treatment required as a direct or indirect result of intentional self-injury or attempted suicide
All health services for internationally and locally recognized epidemics
Treatment of delayed physical or psychological development in children, learning difficulties, or other educational programs for people with
Special needs, for example, but not limited to patients with autism, hyperactivity, and treatment of language delays
Stammering and conversational sessions
Health services practiced by unlicensed health service providers eg clubs
and health resorts.
Shops that supply and sell eyeglasses that are not licensed by the Ministry of Health and not registered by an authority
Egyptian taxes.
Any costs related to obtaining, maintaining and supervising the transplanted organ and/or expenses . will be excluded
related to it; Any costs related to the donor are not covered except at the time of the organ transplant surgery only inside
The hospital excludes the costs of any complications that occur to the donor before, during and after surgery, even if the donor is
Ours is insured. Even if the organ transplant is allowed according to the terms of the insurance policy. will not be covered
Some transplants based on general constraints (i.e. experimental operations)
Any costs related to the occurrence of pregnancy by assisted means and the complications resulting from the occurrence of pregnancy by assisted means.
For clarification, please note: that any delivery of pregnancies will be covered by assistive means if they are
According to the table of benefits.
Abortions for psychological, elective or social reasons.
Claims related to treatment the member receives outside of coverage or if the member travels in violation of advice
medical even if travel is within the scope of coverage.
Any costs related to immunostimulants and associated treatment
Costs related to the treatment of sleep-related disorders
Deviation of the nasal septum and partial removal of the nasal Concha unless medically necessary and for a non-cosmetic purpose
Treatment with compensatory hormones, unless medically indicated (instead of relieving physiological symptoms)

Importance and advantages of having business health insurance in society

Having health insurance in our time has become an indispensable necessity for all people; whether you are the owner of private companies or the people working in them, you will wonder about the importance of having business health insurance and what they offer you and your employees.

The concern of those in charge of working with the comfort of their employees and making them the focus of primary attention is one of the best specifications of successful companies, as well as the inclusion of employees under business health insurance that provides high-quality medical insurance, and care of a distinct and flexible type will positively affect the level of performance at work.

We at Brokerage insurance company provide you with the most important and accurate details about corporate medical insurance, and how it can be applied and used at the cheapest prices and get the maximum benefit over the duration of the insurance.

What does business health insurance offer to enterprises?

Medical insurance is one of the most famous benefits provided by institutions and companies to their employees, hence the need for institutions for business health insurance that provide comprehensive medical coverage by paying all or part of their employees ' annual contributions to the insurance coverage contracted with the insurance company.

More clearly; through a contract inserted between a health insurance company and the institution or a private company, employees receive medical coverage that meets their needs of screening, treatment, radiation, medical tests, and analyses during the illness stage, and the insurance company then bears part or all of the required amounts from the employee and in return the company deducts a part monthly from the employee's salary for the amount paid for insurance.

Some business health insurance also offers an important advantage, which is the possibility of including employees ' families in the insurance to cover them.

The brokerage provides your company with the best medical insurance rates for institutions, to help you provide one of the most important types of insurance, which provides all medical offers and services in proportion to the size of the financial expenses of the medically insured company, and this insurance helps the insured to cover the medical expenses he pays in case of illness; from the costs of hospitalization, surgeries, X-rays, tests and medicines.

What is the importance of business health insurance companies in society?

As we mentioned, having health insurance is an indispensable necessity, and it is considered one of the most important features of successful companies to attract employees by providing features that keep pace with our current era.

The most important points for the importance of business health insurance companies are:

  • Providing wide coverage of health insurance improves the ability of institutions to provide competitive job offers and hire better cadres.

  • One American study in 2018 indicated that 55% of employees admitted that medical insurance is an additional advantage that affects the employee's satisfaction and acceptance of work or his continuation in it.

  • Provide price plans that suit all conditions, companies, and employees and meet their needs.

  • Setting high standards for the quality of the service provided.

  • Providing a network of a huge number of healthcare providers.

  • Providing a hotline communication service with medical specialists, specialists in settling claims to ensure the best services.

What are the specifications of the best business Health insurance company?

Most of the conditions that fall under the list of business health insurance companies have similar features, but most likely each company is distinguished from the other by a strong advantage that makes it outperform its counterparts from companies, and as brokerage insurance is one of the best medical insurance companies at the current level as well as the cheapest medical insurance company, here are its most important specifications:

  • Provide several documents that will suit different companies.

  • Most - though not all - of what employees need is covered by medical insurance.

  • Offer competitive prices.

  • Providing access to medical coverage throughout the duration of the policy with internal facilities from the company for institutions and individuals.

  • Providing an application through which you can learn about everything related to your company's insurance package.

  • Contracting with a wide network of health care providers to help patients extensively.

  • Providing coverage of inpatient treatments at any time through the company's application.

  • Providing a weekday hotline with effective service-based staff to better help patients.

  • Providing numerous programs for families and companies through the best health services at all with perfect health care.

Do not forget that providing health insurance benefits to employees guarantees them comfort from thinking about shouldering the financial burden, especially in the current circumstances, which require high amounts of money to cover medical services at the time of fatigue, as it covers the health needs satisfactorily for both parties.

Cheapest medical insurance for companies

The list of health insurance companies competes in making competitive offers that institutions bring only to them, but in the end, the beneficiaries are looking for the cheapest insurance company with the best service in return.

To get the best service for the lowest price, you can browse all the details of prices and insurance offers and choose the right package for your company through application brokerage or contact us to find out all the details transparently and at the lowest prices.

Advantages of having business health insurance for companies and individuals

Most people wonder about the real advantages that business health insurance companies offer to individuals during their work trip, and here at brokerage insurance we offer you a list of the most important advantages that we give to your employees by hiring us, the most important of which are:

  • Bear the costs of detection and treatment in inpatient and outpatient clinics.

  • Bear the costs of accommodation in the intensive care unit, operations, surgeons, and anesthesiologists

  • Cover the costs of examinations, diagnostic X-rays, and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

  • Providing ground ambulance service.

  • Cover the expenses of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, CT scan, magnetic resonance, and X-ray.

  • Coverage of recent chronic diseases from the date of commencement of the contract.

  • Coverage of dental and maxillofacial surgery in case of damage caused by an accident.

  • It also offers some optional additional benefits such as pregnancy, childbirth, vision, and cosmetic dental coverage.

In the end, from our position as a company within health insurance companies, we pledge to provide all small and large organizations from 20 employees and up to 200 people with the best health insurance policies as well as the cheapest service for the highest medical quality.

If you are looking to learn more, you can contact us through the following steps: