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Best Medical Insurance Companies in Egypt

14 August 2023

The most important concern for individuals and companies today is to search for the best medical insurance companies in Egypt, in order to benefit from distinguished medical coverage at low material costs, in addition to facilitating access to hospitals and medical centers through customer service and adding modern electronic applications.

What is medical insurance?

Medical insurance supports the provision of a range of medical services whether for individuals or a group of working employees

Private or governmental companies against the health risks associated with some diseases, where insurance guarantees the diagnosis of the disease and the cost of treatment, in addition to providing an interruption allowance for work when exposed to critical medical conditions, whether for specific periods or in the event of a permanent disability that hinders the completion of work.

Types of Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is divided into two types, based on the geographical boundaries through which the insurance company supports the provision of medical services, where:

Local medical insurance

This type of company supports the provision of medical services to the beneficiary within the borders of the country through which he subscribes, provided that the value of the cost is calculated in the local currency.

International Medical Insurance

This type allows the provision of all agreed medical services to the beneficiary inside or outside the borders of the country in which he is subscribed in emergency cases while he is outside the country, provided that the value of the subscription in the case of international insurance is calculated in foreign currency.

Factors of choice between medical insurance companies

The choice between different medical insurance companies depends on comparing the advantages provided through them to the beneficiaries against the cost, the most important of which are:

  • Medical examination and diagnostic services in medical clinics.

  • Tolerance ratio to surgical procedures.

  • Coverage of vision, dental, and pregnancy examinations.

  • Radiology coverage and analysis.

  • Covers hospital stays and intensive care units.

  • Coverage for the treatment of pre-diagnosed chronic diseases before subscribing to the medical insurance system.

  • Coverage of serious diseases such as hepatitis and cancers.

Best Medical Insurance Companies in Egypt

Medical insurance companies provide medical services to individuals and companies, provided that they are affiliated with the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), which guarantees the beneficiary the eligibility to obtain the medical service agreed upon through the terms of the agreement, in addition to the possibility of receiving complaints in the event of a defect in the provision of the service, including:

Brokerage Insurance Company

Brokerage Insurance is one of the leading companies in the various fields of insurance, and it started its activity in Egypt many years ago, as it was keen to provide the best ways of life for its subscribers, and among its services is medical insurance for individuals and companies, and here are the most important advantages guaranteed by Brokerage Medical Insurance Company to its users in Egypt:

  • Medical insurance service is available to individuals and companies.

  • Contracting with the largest number of medical service providers.

  • Extensive coverage of medical services, including dental examinations and pregnancy.

  • Brokerage provides an electronic application to facilitate the identification of the names and addresses of medical services centers and clinics provided within the coverage.

  • Brokerage provides medication delivery, approvals and settlements anywhere in Egypt.

  • Providing the possibility of medical examination and diagnosis at the hands of senior doctors in all specialties.

  • Coverage of rumors and tests, in addition to radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Access to medical services without prior reservation.

It is also worth mentioning that it also provides a direct communication service with individuals to answer inquiries and medical insurance systems for the individual and family.

The company provides distinguished services through the distinctive Health Plus packages, in order to facilitate the selection of medical services provided through it, where:

  • Royal package.

  • Platinum package.

  • Gold package.

  • Golden-Plus package.

  • Super Golden-Plus package.

What is the difference between medical insurance companies and healthcare?

Healthcare companies differ from insurance companies, as these companies work through coordinating contracts between hospitals and medical service centers for the purpose of providing organized medical service to customers, and these services can be provided directly to individuals or through one of the insurance companies, taking into account that health care companies are not affiliated with the Financial Regulatory Authority, while medical insurance companies are subject to the Authority.

The most famous healthcare companies in Egypt

There are many healthcare companies responsible for coordinating and facilitating access to services between individuals and the medical system, the most famous of which are:

Brokerage Insurance Company

Brokerage has succeeded in obtaining the quality certificate in providing health care services within two years of its establishment, as it provides beneficiaries with the ability to book and communicate by phone, in addition to the speed of response to answer customer inquiries within 24 hours, seven days a week.

Medical services have become one of the most important things that an individual is looking for to secure to ensure a safe healthy life, by obtaining medical services at reduced costs for him and his family members, so it is necessary to choose the best medical insurance companies in Egypt that provide appropriate medical benefits for the services of individuals and companies.