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Car transport insurance rates

20 July 2023

Holding a comprehensive insurance policy on transport cars guarantees their owners to save huge amounts of money in the event of damage to their cars or exposure to accidents, and because the prices of transport car insurance vary between insurance companies in the same country, we offer you - during this article - a complete integrated guide about the most important factors that affect the total prices of insurance services, and the extent to which the cost of those services can be paid in installments.

We did not forget to warn customers against dealing with unreliable insurance companies, so we reviewed - at the end of the article - the most important steps that help them detect and avoid fraud. We wish you a useful reading.

Benefits of insurance coverage on transport vehicles. Including saving money and peace of mind

Due to the large sizes of transport vehicles, and because they are used to ship large loads over long distances, they are vulnerable to damage, traffic accidents, burglaries, and thefts by bandits for the goods they carry.

If this type of car is exposed to all the problems mentioned, it will require spending large sums of money to repair the damage or buy replacement spare parts for those that were stolen or destroyed as a result of accidents or as a result of excessive use during transport and shipping.

Unfortunately, car owners may charge drivers whose financial means do not allow them to pay, and in this case the advantages of insurance coverage appear when a comprehensive car insurance policy is concluded, the insurance company will be responsible for paying part of the cost of repairs needed by cars in the event of accidents or deliberate theft from others, or when ignited during the transport of dangerous explosive materials, for example.

In addition to the financial benefits provided by the step of obtaining insurance coverage for transport vehicles, there is an additional advantage, which is the peace of mind, as the owner of the transport vehicle shared with comprehensive insurance services, will feel comfortable and reassured by his work that exposing his car to any risks will not cost him much, and that the insurance company will take care of the matter.

What are the prices of car transport insurance?

It is impossible to provide an accurate frank answer to the questions that revolve around the prices of motor transport insurance, as each insurance company relies on a different system in setting subscription fees for its services according to what it deems commensurate with the quality of services it provides.

Despite the variation in prices and the difficulty of determining specific values for car insurance services, there are some factors that, if studied by the customer, can predict the total value of the subscription to insurance services.

Perhaps the most important of these factors is the level of the network of maintenance workshops contracted with the insurance company to provide car repair services, the value of insurance amounts (compensation) provided by the company, and whether the company provides additional services to customers, such as providing a replacement key to the car in the event of its loss or theft, or road assistance services, which include the provision of rescue cranes, replacement batteries, or filling fuel if it runs out suddenly.

Can the cost of car transport insurance be paid in installments?

Some companies offer the possibility of paying the cost of insurance services in the form of monthly or semi-annual premiums (to be paid every 6 months) according to the agreed terms of the contract, in order to facilitate customers.

However, we recommend communicating directly with the insurance company's officials to inquire about the prices of car transport insurance and installment programs, to know the method of payment - whether it is by bank transfer or otherwise -, and to view the details of the insurance "policy" and its terms before holding it.

Post-subscription. How to benefit from insurance coverage and its conditions

When subscribing to transport car insurance services, the company will send its competent representatives to inspect the condition of the vehicle thoroughly and accurately before issuing the insurance policy and giving it to the customer.

After completing the procedures for issuing this document, the customer can benefit from its terms in the event that the car is damaged - God forbid -, but provided that he notifies the company of what the car was exposed to as soon as possible, so that the company begins its procedures, whether by repairing the vehicle at one of the maintenance centers contracted with it, or by compensating the customer directly for what he spent in order to repair the car, after sending stamped invoices for the value of the amounts he spent to the company's officials.

It should be clarified that the amounts of compensation recovered by the customer must not exceed the insurance value agreed upon in the insurance "policy", in addition to the need to meet the conditions for the recovery of such amounts, such as the accident did not occur while driving a person who does not have a driver's license or a person who was under the influence of a narcotic drug or alcoholic beverage.

How can a customer choose a reliable insurance company?

Some unscrupulous companies promise their customers to provide integrated car insurance services, assuring them of bearing the value of any repairs needed by their cars at any time in order to raise money and only without providing any real insurance services.

Some customers may sign insurance policies with one of these companies, and be surprised by the abandonment of its officials when the car is exposed to any damage or problem, and some individuals may claim to belong to major insurance companies with the aim of defrauding and defrauding customers, so they get money and then disappear.

Therefore, we advise every customer planning to obtain insurance coverage on his transport vehicle to adhere to the following to avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

First: Make sure the company's licenses

Make sure that the insurance company you want to deal with has obtained a license to practice the activity from the relevant government authorities so that your money is not lost (you can do this by requesting a copy of the license certificate from the company's officials, and then verifying its authenticity and the authenticity of the seals in it with the help of a police station or specialized personnel).

Second: Read the terms of the insurance contract with a concentration

Read the terms of the insurance policy carefully before signing it, and inquire about the details of any clause that is not clear or incomprehensible to you, in order to guarantee your rights, and know your obligations, so you will ensure that you fall victim to wordplay in the terms of the contract, and avoid disputes with company officials, which may end up bearing responsibility for the error as a result of not reading the terms accurately and focused.

You also care about the quality of insurance services provided to you by the insurance company, you must also be honest in your dealings with the company, especially when requesting compensatory amounts, so describe the accident that your car suffered without exaggeration, and do not manipulate the prices of repairs that your car needs in order to profit money from the company, as this is pure fraud and fraud.

On the other hand, we recommend that you pay the prices of transport car insurance on the dates agreed upon in the contract, and not rush to pay them only when your cars are damaged or perished, as this may lead the company to refuse to settle the compensation amounts due to your manipulation of the previously agreed terms.

If you are planning to obtain your car insurance services, we invite you to contact our experts through the numbers shown on our website in order to discuss the matter and initiate the necessary procedures.

You can be confident that we will guarantee your full insurance rights, and that we will provide you with the highest quality of services at the best and unbeatable prices.