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Comprehensive Insurance Cover Theft

30 March 2023

If you buy an insurance policy for your car, you may be wondering, "Does comprehensive insurance cover theft?"

We at Brokerage Insurance provide you with all the details about comprehensive insurance and does comprehensive insurance include theft or not? And how you can protect your property through a car insurance policy.

What is comprehensive coverage in car insurance?

Of course, before you wonder if comprehensive insurance includes theft, you have the right to first know about comprehensive insurance itself; comprehensive insurance is a type of insurance that helps you cover accidents such as theft or damage to the insured car that results from an accident other than a collision.

Risks generally covered in regular car insurance policies often include vandalism, falling objects on the vehicle causing damage (such as hitting a light pole or tree branch), or damage to the water transformer.

Or, in the case of comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive insurance usually helps cover theft of the car itself, stolen car parts, or damage caused by theft (such as broken windows or damaged door locks).

If you are renting or buying your car through a loan from the bank, the financing bank may require you to obtain comprehensive coverage for the car in order to guarantee its full right, otherwise, if you own the car in its entirety, the choice of standard or comprehensive coverage may be your individual choice.

Does comprehensive insurance cover theft?

Of course, comprehensive insurance includes coverage for car theft after confirming the police report of the theft incident, as it is basically based on coverage of this type of accident.

Car theft is a horrific experience that leaves owners in a state of anxiety and fear, especially if they are contracting a type of regular car insurance without covering theft, comprehensive insurance is a way to protect you and your car against any major risks such as stealing the car or parts of it.

Although many types of car insurance cover theft incidents, there are some other types whose policies and terms and conditions added to it provide for specific car accidents.

Key points about comprehensive car insurance:

  • There are several types of car insurance, and liability insurance will not cover car theft.

  • Comprehensive car insurance generally covers theft as well as vandalism.

  • Car insurance doesn't usually cover theft of personal belongings inside the car – homeowners or tenants take care of these items.

  • Filing a detailed report from the police about the theft helps you get an insurance claim as soon as possible after the theft has occurred.

If you are looking for an insurance policy that covers car theft and is wondering if comprehensive insurance covers theft, then you of course need a comprehensive car insurance policy to protect your car from any theft accident.

Comprehensive insurance is often a broad coverage that includes theft, collision, accident, and other types of coverage, and you can only buy a comprehensive policy that provides coverage in the event of a break-in or theft of your car.

Does comprehensive insurance cover the theft of auto parts?

Comprehensive insurance helps you by paying financial compensation for the replacement of stolen car parts and helps in paying for repairs to the damage caused to the car during the theft incident by thieves, up to your coverage limit and the deduction due.

Comprehensive insurance does not usually cover custom parts or equipment that the policyholder installs on the outside of the car or adds inside such as a high-tech sound system and other equipment, but some other policies may allow you to be granted this type of coverage.

In addition, the type of coverage chosen by the car owner determines how stolen parts of the car are replaced - whether it is OEM parts, aftermarket parts, or through a sum equal to the price of the stolen part at the same time, knowing that while claiming this type of coverage, the insurance company may consider negligence to cover part of the cost of replacing stolen parts of the vehicle.

How can I claim insurance compensation for stolen cars?

In the event of a theft of your car and you are a comprehensive policyholder, you must immediately file a formal claim with your car insurance company.

The insurance company will then conduct an investigation into the theft order as well as the police file that was submitted to it, and once the investigation into the claim is complete and it is confirmed that it is covered, the insurance company will pay full compensation for your stolen car or replace it, up to your comprehensive coverage limit.

Does comprehensive insurance cover the theft of personal items?

Although comprehensive insurance generally covers car theft, it mostly covers only the car itself and does not cover personal belongings remaining inside, so the insured needs to file a claim with homeowners or the tenants' insurance company.

Comprehensive coverage does not cover theft of personal items from the vehicle, depending on the insurance company and type of coverage, there may be optional covers available in the insurance policy to cover personal belongings found inside the vehicle during the theft.

It should be noted that personal property coverage has a certain limit for deduction and coverage, most likely the insurance policy may state that the coverage limits for personal property become lower when you are away from the place of the car, as this is sometimes referred to as "external coverage".

Is installing tracking devices and automated theft prevention beneficial?

You may be able to keep your car from theft and make it more secure by preventing automatic theft by installing anti-theft devices or trackers.

For example, there are ways to install a steering wheel lock or transmission shaft lock, which makes both types of devices more difficult to steal a car.

In the end, we always advise you to know all the details of the policy that you are willing to buy, as well as read it and ask the insurance company's agent about everything that is on your mind so that you know what it lacks and whether comprehensive insurance includes theft of all kinds, as well as knowing the amount of coverage for the property while it is in the car.