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Used Car Insurance in Egypt

21 February 2023

If you have made a decision to buy a car sooner or far, especially if it is a used car, used car insurance has become a necessity for you that you should not overlook in the near future, in order to ensure that the car is insured against any damage that may occur to it at any time, especially since used cars are more vulnerable to falling into risks.

Recently, many customers have become questions and inquiries about used car insurance, so we decided at Brokerage Insurance to clarify all the details about the subject and answer all the questions that our customers have in mind through simple and detailed points to know everything you need about used car insurance.

What has used car insurance In Egypt?

Used car insurance is a type of car insurance policy that aims to protect used cars from various risks that can cause serious damage to the car.

One of the most important advantages of used car insurance is that there is one of the types, which we call comprehensive insurance against all types of risks, which is a type of insurance that protects the liability of the third party and provides comprehensive coverage against personal accidents, just like insurance for new and modern cars.

Who needs used car insurance In Egypt?

If you are thinking of buying a car, new or used, it is preferable to buy a used car insurance policy, which is an important step to protect you, as it protects you and the occupant of the car against any unexpected accidents, as well as protects the structure of the car and compensates you for losses in the event of any major problems in the body of the car without the need to bear financial responsibility.

You should know that there is a difference and difference in the quality of insurance between insurance for old classic cars and traditional used cars, each has a different method, although a traditionally used car insurance policy may be enough to cover your classic car, it is usually better to keep the classic car with a different policy that offers a higher type of protection.

How much does use car insurance cost In Egypt?

Used car insurance varies depending on many factors, hence we realize that there is no fixed cost in used car insurance due to the following factors:

  • The age of the car and model year, the average insurance period of the car is about 10 years, and the insurance may continue for old used cars that are in good condition.

  • The condition of the car is one of the conditions of used car insurance, the car should not be severely damaged or damaged.

  • The previous history of a car also affects the cost of insuring used cars, as the insurance company usually looks at the car's past records to assess its risks, but this means that you still have a chance to insure your used car if the car has never had a serious accident and has not been repaired due to serious damage.

  • Radical modifications in the model of the car, mean that there are some types of cars that have undergone special modifications that may not be covered by used car insurance policies.

  • Repair costs can affect the insurance value of your used car, especially cars with expensive parts that are difficult to find and repair.

  • The market value of the car when ordering the type of car insurance is one of the elements that may affect the value of used car insurance.

Is used car insurance less expensive than new cars?

Of course, the cost of insuring a used car may be less expensive than insuring new cars, but it is not a general or basic rule of thumb in used car insurance.

If a used car is a luxury classic car, it may be much more insured than any new car in a different model.

What are the documents required for used car insurance In Egypt?

We made it as easy as possible to provide the highest service with the easiest requirements, at brokerage Insurance we have made it easy for you to have all the details about used car insurance, you just need:

  • The insured's ID card and complete the policy form at Brokerage Insurance.

  • Inspection report of the insured vehicle with special expertise from the company.

  • Used car license.

How can a used car be inspected?

It is not possible to say for sure that there are global steps in the case of checking used cars, but we advise you, before thinking about the best types of used car insurance, to check some signs before buying a used car, such as:

  • Ensure that there are no rust or leaks in and around the car engine.

  • Ensure that the meter of the used car has not been tampered with.

  • Make sure everything in the used car is working properly, including locks, windows, radio, air conditioning, etc.

  • Check for any cracks or scratches in the windshield of the car.

  • Ensure that used car tires are in intact condition and all belong to the same company.

What are the advantages of car insurance at Brokerage Insurance?

Thinking about choosing a reliable insurance company if you are thinking about buying a used car insurance policy is one of the most important factors that guarantee your rights and the rights of your car in the event of any accidents or damages.

We offer you many advantages that are not found in other insurance companies when choosing any type of insurance available in the company, such as:

  • Cars are repaired directly as payment is made directly to our customers.

  • We offer the service of having road location assistants.

  • Some insurance policies provide insurance coverage for drivers.

  • We have minimal claim settlement and payment time when repairing the vehicle outside the approved ProBrokerage network, within just about 2-5 business days.

  • The insurance covers: Collision and/or rollover insurance due to mechanical failure or sudden accident.

  • Insurance against fire, external explosions, and self-ignition.

In the end, we must clarify that used car insurance is a more urgent necessity, especially in our time, with the increase in prices of everything around us, insurance protects you from a material point of view, which represents a strong burden during damage or accident to the car.

The most important thing we recommend in the end is to choose the insurance policy that suits your financial condition and the condition of your used car or that you are about to buy, and if you have any other inquiries, do not hesitate at all to contact us through customer service or through the support team available in the company and online around the clock.