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Health insurance benefits for employees

29 October 2022

With the change in lifestyle; and the pace of living, which has become involved a lot of bad daily habits that harm our health, one of the biggest advantages of working in companies, whether government or private sector, is the presence of medical insurance, what is health insurance? And what are Health insurance benefits for employees? This is what we will learn about next in the article.

Why could employees search for health insurance nowadays?

In case of infection with any kind of pathological symptoms, many hesitate before going to the doctor and try to resort to simple methods and natural recipes to avoid visiting the doctor as a result of evading the material cost and the consequences of the infection.

But we must realize that illness is always different between one person and another, as well as the methods of treatment and the fact that they differ between the elderly, young, and even young people, so you should turn to specialists and consult doctors, and here comes the role of health insurance in bearing the material and therapeutic costs of the insured.

What is health insurance for employees?

Employee health insurance is one of the forms of medical insurance provided by companies against the risks faced by individuals, and it is comprehensive:

  • The costs of examination, diagnosis and treatment are full or exceed 70% of the cost value.

  • In addition to psychological and physical support.

  • Provide allowances for interruption of work due to illness or permanent disability.

The principle of companies is based on collecting funds for the purpose of treating the health risks to which employees are exposed, and redistributing them equally to all employees according to their needs for detection and treatment, for a certain fee determined by the insurance company for the individual according to his condition or the scope of insurance he wishes to receive.

What does medical insurance cover for employees?

As mentioned earlier, health insurance for employees includes:

  • Bear the costs of a physical examination when visiting doctors.

  • The costs of the radiological examination requested by the doctor.

  • All and/or a significant portion bear more than 70% of the value of the treatment, and the outstanding value can be paid later during settlement with the insurance company.

  • The costs of the surgical procedures performed are borne by the fact that the injury threatens the life of the individual.

  • Bear the costs of hospitalization, accommodation and only one facility - in most cases - as well as follow-up later.

  • Cover the costs of physiotherapy sessions, if required.

  • Bear the costs of treating the wife and children if they are included under the employee's insurance list.

The above points are considered one of the most Health insurance benefits for employees.

Who can have the right to health insurance?

All employees in the government and private sectors have the right to receive Health insurance benefits for employees, as according to the provisions of the law; health insurance is mandatory for all citizens working in government and private entities.

What are Health insurance benefits for employees?

Deducting only a portion of your monthly salary for insurance can be annoying for you, but in the current situation we must point out that the benefits of health insurance for employees are multiple, and include:

  • Reduce days of absence from work: Sick leave is allowed in certain cases, which reduces the days of absence at work.

  • Increases employee loyalty to work: Employees are more likely to stay with their companies that offer valuable insurance benefits, as employees always think about the existence of comprehensive contracts.

  • Increases employee satisfaction with work: Workers tend to give higher value and feel more favored for jobs and employers who offer good health benefits.

  • Saving money: By covering large medical costs that make up the individual and the family at affordable prices that suit the current situation of the individual, therefore it is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

Does health insurance cover the wife?

There are two categories of health insurance:

  • Health insurance covers the individual only.

  • Health insurance includes the addition of a wife and children according to certain conditions listed by the insurer.

There are times when health insurance is comprehensive for the wife, provided that the employee pays additional costs other than those borne by the company, as well as deducting a monthly part of the salary to hire him under that name.

The point is also considered one of the benefits of health insurance for employees, as health insurance in that case includes:

  • The wife.

  • All boys under the age of twenty-five.

  • Unmarried girls.

What are the health insurance conditions for employees?

To obtain health insurance benefits for employees both in government bodies and in the private business sector, an individual is only required to have:

  • An employment contract is listed between him and the insured company.

  • Have passed the "probation period", knowing that there are companies where the duration ranges from 3 to 6 months.

  • Be uninsured with any other party.

  • Deduct from his salary the part agreed upon by the medical insurance authority.

  • The employee must commit not to abuse any of the medical services provided to him by the employer and the insurer.

  • Paper requirements: a copy of the national ID card, a copy of the card of the wife and children in case they are required to be included in the insurance.

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