Find out the latest health insurance cost for individuals

 Find out the latest health insurance cost for individuals Blog Image
10 November 2022

Health insurance for people has become an indispensable means in our time, and individual health insurance costs have become the greatest concern according to the age group of people, as well as whether the individual belongs to a work company or not.

Medical insurance is very important for the lives of individuals, as it provides them with many advantages in the event of any medical condition, whether emergency or usual, it is considered the refuge to which the individual resorts to conduct all medical services in a proper manner and available to all individuals.

From here we explain that the prices of health insurance for individuals vary according to the health programs that the individual falls under, or also through the packages provided by health insurance companies to individuals depending on the entity that makes the offer.

During this article, we offer you an explanation of all individual health insurance costs, as well as an overview of health insurance for individuals listed under companies. if you are looking for more information, follow us in the following lines of the article.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance, or as it is called medical insurance, is a means offered by medical insurance companies to provide people with insurance against the expected health risks and support them in facing them by covering the medical claims they submit and reducing the material burdens borne by the individual.

Health insurance offers many advantages, which are:

  • Providing health care in multiple lists of hospitals, and medical centers.

  • Insuring individuals against any risks to which they are exposed, work-related or personal.

  • Up to 90% of the costs of the medical procedures to which the patient is obliged to bear medical examinations, diagnostic radiology, physiotherapy sessions, and others.

  • Carrying up to 80% of surgical procedures and non-cosmetic operations, especially in cases that threaten an individual's life, the loading rate may reach 100% according to the health insurance package contracted by the individual or the company under which the individual is listed.

  • The treatment costs requested by the health service provider shall be borne with full coverage or at a rate exceeding 70% of the cost.

  • Bear the costs of visiting doctors and health service providers.

  • Bear the costs of having a "only one" companion with the patient if it requires a hospital stay for more than a day.

To provide all the above services and to give the individual the insurance coverage that he requires, insurance companies offer packages to individuals in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription that is collected for the individual to pay to the insurance company.

If a person does not fall under any of the medical insurance lists, whether companies or individuals, they may suffer many material losses and incur high costs of detection and treatment even in the simplest medical needs.

Is there individual medical insurance?

Of course, there is medical insurance for individuals that also includes providing the health benefits that an individual needs from providing comprehensive coverage for:

  • Physical examination and visiting doctors.

  • Cover the costs of required medical examinations and radiology required.

  • Bear the costs of treatment and physiotherapy sessions.

Health insurance companies provide offers for packages that include Individual health insurance costs within individual insurance, as well as health insurance offers for individuals under Companies, and in all cases, the individual is obliged to pay a monthly or annual subscription either to the insurance company, or the insurer will deduct part of the monthly salary to pay medical insurance dues.

How much is the subscription price for health insurance?

The prices of participation in health insurance vary depending on the offer offered by the insurance company, as well as whether the offer reflects the Individual health insurance cost, or the prices of health insurance for individuals and their relatives "i.e. their families", or the prices of health insurance for individuals within companies.

Each of the above cases depends on the type of coverage requested by the client or individual within the health insurance package, and the type of insurance chosen by the individual as well as the insured company.

What are the reasons for the difference in Individual health insurance costs?

Individual health insurance costs vary from person to person based on many components, as well as people's choices of suitable medical insurance programs for them, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Individual health insurance costs vary according to several components that medical insurance companies are interested in, the most important of which is the age difference between one person and another because age is considered an indicator of the infection of individuals with many diseases and health problems, which entails a greater benefit for the individual and thus an increase in the price of the subscription to health insurance programs for older individuals than people of another age.

  • The choice of individuals for certain programs that meet their desires makes the Individual health insurance cost different from person to person, in a clearer sense; there are some people who request to increase certain features such as adding some treatments to the treatment that the insurance company covers, or adding the treatment of some diseases such as nose, ear, eye and dental treatments, which increases the cost of subscribing to the individual's health insurance package.

What are the types of medical insurance for individuals?

Health insurance packages for individuals vary in their prices from one company to another, and the price varies depending on the type of package that the individual chooses and falls under, below we mention all types of medical insurance for individuals in Egypt:

  • Optional insurances

  • General Insurance.

  • International insurance.

  • Local insurance.

  • Compulsory insurance:

  • Life insurance.

What benefits do health insurance programs offer to individuals?

Health insurance companies offer different offers for individual insurance programs within the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to allow all categories of individuals to choose the packages that suit their life requirements in that period, in addition to taking into account the aforementioned factors of age, chronic diseases, etc.

Most of the advantages of these packages are:

  • The individual has an insurance value of up to 300,000 thousand Egyptian pounds, enough for the needs of the individual.

  • The discount rate for insurance for medicines and treatments disbursed ranges from 70% to 80% of the total value of the treatment, and the discount rate in cases of eye and ophthalmic treatments reaches 20%, not exceeding EGP 1500 per person.

  • An individual can receive a discount of up to 80% of the total cost on everything outside the coverage listed.

  • In cases of dental treatment, insurance companies bear up to half the cost of no more than 2,000 Egyptian pounds per person.

  • In cases of childbirth, the individual enjoys a coverage of 15,000 Egyptian pounds, or fifteen thousand Egyptian pounds for cases of cesarean section, while in cases of natural birth, the coverage is 10,000 ten thousand Egyptian pounds.

  • If there is any type of treatment not mentioned in the insurance policy agreed upon between individuals and insurance companies, the insurance company does not incur any additional costs either in treatment or diagnosis.

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