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obtaining medical insurance for residents online

31 July 2023

Medical insurance has become a necessity that all citizens residing in any country are looking for, in the event of any accident or illness and the need for medical examinations and other procedures, medical insurance pays the material costs in full or in a large part as mentioned in the listed policy for individual insurance, hence medical insurance has become an indispensable necessity.

Whatever your medical needs from private health insurance, you can get a plan tailored to suit and meet your needs, and this is what most health insurance companies offer with a global support network of hospitals and medical professionals, especially with residents in Egypt from abroad.

If you are a resident of Egypt, or it is just a transitional station, medical insurance is indispensable to avoid incurring a lot of unnecessary money, of course, whether for you and your family, you must be insured by an insurance company, whether personally or through its work company, as it serves as a lifeline in the event of any accident or accidental illness, or a member of your family needs medical care.

For the nature of any country, medical procedures in private hospitals and other laboratories and examination centers become more valuable if you are from outside the country, as it is considered an additional service provided to patients, which makes them incur more money, so obtaining medical insurance for online residents is one of the most important steps that must be taken if you are one of those who continue for a long time.

What is medical insurance for residents?

Medical insurance for residents online is a service provided by medical insurance companies to residents from outside the country, where insurance companies introduce them to medical insurance policies, their specifications, and how to join them, as well as explain how to join them by registering online on the company's website.

In addition, you may have a customer service representative explain all policy insurance price plans, offering them the opportunity to compare and choose from various insurance policies that suit their needs and the length of stay they are planning.

What are the steps to obtain medical insurance for online residents?

All people can get medical insurance online, but for ease for expatriates, registering in medical insurance companies online is the best and easiest way ever, and it comes in the following steps:

  • Access the website of the insurance company of your desire (e.g. Brokerage Insurance website).

  • Click on the Buy Medical Insurance Policy button now.

  • The steps take you to register to create a new account or logging in directly "if you are already registered on the desired company's website".

  • Enter all your or your family's details if you want family insurance.

  • Learn about and choose from medical insurance policy quotes.

  • Moving to the payment stage "in the way you want, whether with a visa or through the representative of the insurance company to collect the amount."

What are the benefits of getting medical insurance for online residents?

We mentioned at the beginning that medical insurance, in general, is an indispensable way to avoid losing large funds in the event of the need for medical examinations or procedures, hence this has become the biggest advantage of medical insurance, whether for residents or citizens, but there are more benefits and advantages that are:

  • Get competitive prices and offers for insurance policies.

  • Avoid fully bearing the cost of treatment and medical examinations.

  • Get a higher discount rate than ever before.

  • The possibility of payment through more than one method, such as online payment or through the insurance company's collection representative.

  • Ease of joining the insurance company.

  • Customer service is available around the clock for any inquiries or inquiries from customers.

What does a medical insurance policy offer for online residents?

Like all other medical insurance policies, they are designed to make the most of Egypt's residents from abroad, and therefore offer benefits that can only be obtained if you are registered with a medical insurance company, where you will:

  • Covering the costs of necessary and urgent treatment and hospitalization in all healthcare facilities in the Arab Republic of Egypt to the extent necessary.

  • Provide non-stop assistance services around the clock.

  • They can be arranged for a period ranging from one day to 36 months.

  • Designed to meet the medical needs of all age groups.

  • The Arab Republic of Egypt is covered in all governorates.

  • It offers competitive quotes that can only be obtained through medical insurance companies.

What is the coverage of a medical insurance policy for online residents?

Although the policy may not be designed to serve the individual for a long time, on the contrary, it is designed to give him the greatest benefit in the least time; it includes covering the material expenses of the basic examinations required to determine the diagnosis and medical procedure to be taken, basic treatment and hospitalization, including dental care, outpatient medications, and the return of the insured to the country of origin, if necessary.

After all... The current situation requires all of us to obtain medical insurance commensurate with the extent to which each of us needs it, and this is what Progress Insurance offers to all its customers, whether they are citizens or those looking for medical insurance for residents online.

Do not hesitate to contact us through the numbers shown below, or through customer service on the hotline, to get all the details that give you a good feeling on the way to choosing the insurance policy that suits you, just with one click you will find yourself on the way to us to get the highest benefits with the lowest financial return.