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medical and health insurance offers and prices online

2 July 2023

Of course, due to two main aspects, namely the financial factor and the health factor, we are forced to compare medical insurance prices and get the best suitable offer to protect ourselves from the financial damage that may fall on us in the event of any accidental accidents or diseases.

If you are looking for medical and health insurance rates to compare, you are now on the right track, but first you have to determine your priorities in addition to the amount you expect to pay in monthly or annual payments for medical insurance.

It should be noted that the prices of medical insurance in Egypt depend on whether you are registered in the comprehensive health insurance system or insured health following your work, and although universal health insurance has a well-thought-out and realistic plan now, most people do not use it in practice.

According to recent research, reports indicated that less than 10% of the Egyptian population has access to public healthcare from public hospitals and universal health insurance, while the other group enjoys either private medical insurance or corporate insurance, and because the actual rollout of universal insurance began a short time ago, the project is expected to be completed in 2030.

This is due to the limitations of the current system; for example, the system includes:

  • Long waiting times.

  • The weakness of the infrastructure to develop its origin among Egyptians.

  • Lack of medical staff.

It is also estimated that less than 10% of the Egyptian population falls under the public health care system "universal medical insurance", and the competent government medical insurance bodies are reviewing the universal health care system, and this would make it significantly more modern and effective, especially when new hospitals and clinics appear that serve citizens online, but the completion of the project will not be completed until 2023.

At the present time, the comprehensive medical insurance system cannot be included in the current medical insurance price comparison list online or on the ground, because it is not yet complete, in addition to being a government system that depends on the citizen's entitlement to services at the lowest material costs.

You will currently have to make a contribution of 5% of your monthly income, up to a maximum of 7% if family members are included. The employer will also have to pay in the system.

What are the prices of medical insurance in the public system?

In the public system, citizens will need to make some joint payments to get treatment.

In the case of obtaining government medical insurance, the citizen will be charged the following percentages of the total amount required for treatment:

• 10% of the cost of the body swab.

• 20% for laboratory tests up to a maximum of 1000 pounds.

• 7% on hospital stay up to a maximum of EGP 1500.

• 10% of the total cost of the value of the drug and rises to 15% after 10 years of legal age.

The main drawback in the current state medical insurance prices is that it does not currently cover the treatment of chronic diseases and cancer, there is very limited dental coverage under the national system, so the citizen needs to consider making special payments from his own free money to the private dentist, registering for a special dental treatment plan, or looking for dental care abroad, and this also applies to eye procedures, for example; the citizen will need to pay for eye exams, unless it is included. In the full cost of your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, the most important thing that should be mentioned in this paragraph; that the aforementioned medical insurance rates do not apply to online health insurance because it has not yet been listed.

Sometimes a citizen may choose to pay additional costs from the freelancer to get the appropriate health care required in your case, especially for simple procedures or examinations, but if you have large procedures in the private sector, the costs may rise quickly if you do not have health insurance.

What are the prices of medical and health insurance for treatment in the private sector?

Most hospitals currently require cash upfront payment for hospitalization and treatment service, so you'll need to keep any paperwork, so you can claim compensation from your insurance company.

You may be treated free of charge in an emergency, but you will likely have to pay for any follow-up treatment once you are out of the emergency, but if you have international coverage, it is advisable to make sure that the hospital or clinic you are going to accept this. Also, given the current political instability in the country, a policy covering medical evacuation is recommended.

The International Medical Center and Anglo American Hospital in Cairo are well-known private service providers, as well as Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Ganzouri Specialized Hospital and Al Salam International Hospital are all hospitals that enable you to be treated and hospitalized by undergoing the pre-medical approval system from the insurance company, and then the insurance company determines the extent to which the patient or company bears the total cost of the procedure.

A new range of medium-cost private clinics, aimed at middle-class families in Cairo who cannot afford the exorbitant private medical costs, patients will receive a free 10-minute health check-up after which the type of procedure required can be determined.

If you intend to search for medical insurance rates to get one, do not hesitate to follow us through the numbers shown below and contact to find out all the details that interest you, in addition to that you can contact customer service on the hotline to explain more at length regarding healthcare.