Home Insurance Prices in Cairo

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14 September 2023

With the growing importance of insurance in the face of contemporary challenges, securing home insurance in Cairo has become something that should be considered to ensure financial security and protection from potential damages. In this article, we will review the approximate prices of some home insurance plans in Cairo.

Comprehensive Home Insurance:

This type of insurance covers damages that might occur to the house itself as well as its contents. The price of this insurance varies depending on the size, value, and location of the house.

Theft Insurance:

With the increasing rates of theft in some areas, many prefer to have theft insurance to protect against potential losses.

Natural Disaster Insurance:

This type of insurance covers damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Fire Insurance:

Due to the significant risk from fires, this type of insurance is essential for many, especially in areas where the risk of fires is higher.

How do I get the best insurance price for my home?

We always advise you to compare different offers. At "Brokerage", we provide you with competitive prices and plans that meet your needs.

Can I customize the insurance plan according to my needs?

Yes, at "Brokerage" , we offer tailored insurance plans to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

What happens if I decide to sell my house or move to another one?

In case of selling the house or relocating, you can transfer the insurance policy or modify it to suit the new house. Please get in touch with the "Brokerage" (بروكورج) team to assist you in this process.

How can I renew my insurance policy?

Renewal is easy and straightforward. Simply contact our customer service team at "Brokerage", and we will assist you every step of the way.

Insurance prices vary based on several factors mentioned above. It's essential to review different insurance companies and explore the offers and coverages they provide to determine the plan that suits your needs and budget.