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Land transport insurance for goods

23 March 2023

We are all now thinking of making large economies to keep up with the constant high prices in all aspects of life, and it is normal to imagine any kind of daily economy and life itself without road transport and Land transport insurance for goods.

More than 1.5 billion tons of various goods and more than 50 million passengers are transported by road every day nationwide, yet this type of transport is the most exposed to various accidents worldwide despite different conditions.

Therefore, today we offer you all the comprehensive details about securing land transport for goods and its most important advantages for owners of small and large companies and how it protects them and their goods from loss resulting from traffic accidents, collisions, and others.

What is Land transport insurance for goods?

The insurance policy for goods transported by land "ordinary roads" is one of the types of insurance policies and covers that protect business owners from taking responsibility for material loss incurred during road transport or damage to goods in loads managed by the company.

In the case of Land transport insurance for goods and an accident, the insurance company will take care of the payment of the insured amount after making a claim, but you should also know that there are already several different types of transport and shipping insurance policies available with insurance companies, and therefore we advise you to familiarize yourself with all of them before choosing and checking to find out the most appropriate choice that suits your current business and the needs of your trucking company.

Among the most important types of Land transport insurance for goods that business owners are interested in looking for is:

  • Land Transportation Insurance for Goods

Land transport insurance for goods One of the most common types of insurance policies, especially for road truck drivers, insures goods shipped by road transport, including trucks and other vehicles.

This policy also covers goods in the event of theft, fire, collision, and accident damage, as well as other factors involved in the damage of goods during road transport.

What accidents are covered by Land transport insurance for goods?

Transport truck owners are exposed to loss and damage caused by accidents such as collision, fire, and damage to goods through accidents resulting from:

  • The car moves at high speed more often.

  • Delayed provision of medical care to the injured.

  • Damage to goods as a result of the collision.

The insurance covers the total loss of business owners by:

  • Damage to the truck.

  • Liability as a carrier for loss or damage to goods.

  • Third-party liability for loss of life, bodily injury, and property of others.

What are the types of cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is one of the main types of insurance policies that should be acquired if dealing in the trucking industry, and this is usually a requirement by the shipper before assigning you a bill of lading.

The different types of cargo insurance include:

  • Land transport insurance for goods.

  • Marine insurance transportation of goods.

  • Insurance of air transport of goods.

Insurance protects goods against all risks, from warehouse to warehouse, and while in transit on the roads.

The importance of Land transport insurance for goods?

Land transport is an indispensable means in all areas of trade, especially in the case of medium distances that do not need to be transported by flight, among the insurance advantages of Brokerage Insurance are:

  • It is considered essential insurance for shipping companies

Your company may be liable for damage if the goods in your possession are damaged, lost, or delayed delivery.

  • Extended coverage at no extra cost

The insurance also covers the costs of damage to damaged goods and heat-related losses, for example.

  • Brokerage specialists help you

Once we've determined the right level of transportation coverage for your company, you're free to focus on your business even in case of loss.

Who needs Land transport insurance for goods?

If you are one of the owners of companies that transport goods to customers for money or your company itself transports its own goods, then you are the person most in need of securing land transport of goods, as it is a document intended for cargo transport companies and carriers working in the transportation of goods.

The Land transport insurance for goods provides full coverage in case of disappearance, loss or damage of goods during road transport, as well as in delivery delays.

It is known that the obligations of companies working in the transport of goods are limited by laws and contracts, but despite this, laws and contracts between you and other companies may oblige you to take responsibility for damage during transport even if you do not cause loss. For this reason, most companies that need to transport goods by land are looking for transport companies, shipping agencies, and truck companies that have Land transport insurance for goods to protect their property from damage in any circumstance.

What is the coverage of Land transport insurance for goods?

Road transport liability insurance covers the following:

  • Damage to goods during road transportation.

  • Bear the costs of damage and loss of goods.

  • Damage caused by overheating.

  • Costs of damaged goods.

You may suffer significant material losses in your business if you are the first and last person responsible for bearing material losses in the event of an accident, fire, or damage to goods in any way, and the matter may develop into legal accountability from some affected persons.

But if you choose Land transport insurance for goods, you protect yourself, your company, and your goods in the event of a loss, as the insurance company takes care of the material losses on your behalf and negotiates with the plaintiff if necessary.

What factors affect the price of Land transport insurance for goods?

The price of insurance for road transport depends on each of the following:

  • The type and condition of the vehicle or transport truck.

  • Areas to and from which goods are transported or boundaries of the area of transport operations.

  • The main types of transported goods.

  • Net sales per region of transfers.

How can I get Land transport insurance for goods?

At Brokerage Insurance, the method is always easy, you just need to fill out your contact information form on the website or the Brokerage Insurance application, then one of our employees will contact you directly to provide more than one quotation to secure ground transportation.

Our most important asset is that our staff is highly experienced and has a broad understanding of the extent of your needs and can provide more information about the content and price of transportation insurance for goods.

After receiving your order and getting different quotes, we will contact you to determine the best ground cargo insurance policy for your company, from here your company can focus on continuing the transportation business even in the event of losses.