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The best insurance APP in Egypt | Brokerage Insurance

2 January 2023

By following the pace of development that is taking place in our current world; And since everything has become in line with modern technology and moving away from the old ways of performing tasks, we offer you the best APP for medical insurance services in Egypt, which is Brokerage Insurance.

If you are looking for the best, easy and step-by-step way to obtain insurance packages in various aspects, then do not hesitate to choose APP Brokerage, which gives you the ease of selecting from a wide and varied range of prices that suit all those seeking insurance from private or government companies, or even individuals.

The most important characteristic of Brokerage Insurance is that it provides packages that suit all available budgets, in addition to the ease of subscribing to them through the APP without the need to go into many details, through steps that are easily explained through the program.

What are the medical insurance services provided by Brokerage Insurance?

The services provided by Brokerage Insurance to its clients vary to include all their life, practical, and health needs, and are represented in the:

  • Medical insurance for individuals.

  • Life insurance for individuals.

  • Critical illness insurance.

  • Cancer care insurance.

  • Personal accident insurance.

  • home insurance.

  • Air and sea transport insurance.

  • Land transportation insurance.

  • Vehicle insurance.

  • Yacht insurance.

Below we show you a full explanation of all the previous details, step by step:

  • Medical insurance for individuals:

We provide you with the best medical insurance policies for individuals as well as companies, to guarantee you and your entire family comprehensive medical coverage for all treatment and medication expenses, as well as hospitalization expenses and ambulance costs, without incurring other expenses that harm your financial situation at any time.

The most essential characteristic of medical insurance for individuals within Brokerage Insurance is that insurance coverage includes:

  • Bearing the expenses of medical examination, treatment, medical analysis, and x-rays for all diseases, with the exception of pre-contractual diseases.

  • Bearing the expenses of operations, hospital stay, emergency and outpatient clinics.

  • Dental treatment, vision detection, and pregnancy are covered by special documents, depending on the type of insurance.

  • Covering the costs of pregnancy and childbirth, including pregnancy after contracting.

  • Request and delivery of medicines in different places and times.

  • Life insurance for individuals:

Life insurance for individuals is the most important support provided by the insurance company to the family of the insured person in the event of death, as the insurance company provides the heirs with material compensation in an agreed amount of money and included in the insurance policy to guarantee their future after the death of the person.

This policy is based on the insured paying amounts divided in the form of installments that he pays regularly during the validity period of the policy, and this policy is distinguished by providing two solutions when it is completed, namely:

  • The possibility of renewing the document for a new period of time.

  • Converting the document into a permanent cover.

The most important characteristic of this policy is that it grants the heirs of the insured the agreed-upon financial compensation in the event of death, but in the event of non-death; The insured gets a sum of money agreed upon after the end of the insurance period listed in the policy.

  • Critical illness insurance:

Critical disease insurance as we call it; is characterized by its ability to bear all the expenses that the patient needs, including the costs of treatment, x-rays, and medical examinations required for critical diseases such as tumors, cancers, kidney failure, stroke, and others.

One of the most important advantages of health insurance for critical illnesses is its ability to bear and cover treatment expenses to reduce the financial burden on the owner. It is known that the costs of treating these diseases are high, and these diseases include:

  • Cancers, including certain types of cancer

  • Strokes.

  • Heart attack.

  • paralysis.

  • Kidney failure.

  • Coronary artery surgeries or angioplasty.

  • Cultivation and transfer of various bodily organs.

  • Alzheimer's treatment.

  • Cancer care insurance:

As with most medical insurances; Cancer care insurance aims to reduce the financial burdens that the patient bears in the treatment journey, and to provide financial support to the policyholder.


Cancer care insurance offers discounts on x-rays and tests, in addition to a free annual examination, in addition to an appropriate coverage limit that is determined according to the type of each case to provide the maximum benefit.


The policy gives you full coverage against cancer, including:

  • Treatment inside and outside the hospital.

  • Follow-up costs such as home visits, nursing burdens, and psychiatric care.

  • Teleconsultation costs.

  • Personal accident insurance:

One of the Brokerage Insurance services that give you personal insurance against accidents, whether you follow the insurance coverage of a private company or on your own.


The policy guarantees compensation to the insured's family with a sum of money in the event of death as a result of an accident, or compensation to the insured in cases of total or partial permanent disability or temporary total disability resulting from an accident.


  • home insurance:

Your home is your security. In-home insurance policies, provide you with complete protection and security from any threat to you as an owner or tenant. The policy covers damages to the home from accidents, fires, explosions, and thefts. It also guarantees you and your family financial and moral stability. Family insurance can also be added. And the responsibility to the owner or neighbors.


  • Air and sea transport insurance:

Transportation of goods by air and sea requires insurance that covers the transportation and shipment of goods by ships or aircraft. The policy includes coverage of damages to the insured goods, whether wholly or partially resulting from any emergency such as burglary, fire, drowning, or loss of goods during shipping operations. and discharge.

  • Land transportation insurance:

Land transport insurance is one of the most popular insurance policies to protect goods during transportation and land freight through transport trucks and means of transport specialized in transporting goods. It covers all damages to goods during the transport process such as fires, collisions, or overturning of goods transport vehicles.

  • Vehicle insurance:

Vehicle insurance is divided into insurance for personal cars, transportation vehicles, taxis, buses, and rental cars, cars of special types such as ambulances and fire trucks, and insurance for motorcycles, whether private or commercial.

Vehicle insurance is very important, as it reserves the right for you and your vehicle rental location to recover, change, or bear the full costs of repairs in the event of an accident or theft, as well as relieving you of any legal liability resulting from damage, traffic collision, or bodily injuries.

  • Yacht insurance:

If you own a yacht or a boat, do not hesitate to choose one of the yacht insurance policies, as it provides you with all kinds of protection and guarantees against damages that may occur to the yacht.

The policy covers bodily harm and losses that may affect others, and also includes yacht insurance against any losses that may affect the yacht's body, equipment, and contents.